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GF Rating


Its worth paying.

posted by snatchpro (ANTELOPE, CA) Mar 20, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

Good edition to the Paper Mario series. Not great. I'm a huge Paper Mario fan, but the sticker attacks function is a new one that I'm not a big fan of. I played this to the end, great music and visuals, but you'll probably find yourself avoiding battles as you will get no partners and ALWAYS fight more than one enemy in 99% of the battles meaning you're almost always going to take damage in any battle. The "thing" stickers are weird and you never know exactly what will work out or just wont. Worth paying, but for Paper Mario fans only. Even then it doesn't quite work. It's difficult from the beginning. Huge, I mean huuuge game for the 3DS. Check it out. It's cool, but it starts to get annoying and repetitive.

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Never liked stickers anyway

posted by SpaceNinja (PETALUMA, CA) Nov 26, 2013

Member since Nov 2005

Usually you can't go wrong with a Mario game. Actually this game was cool for about 20-25 minutes until I passed Bowser Jr. After that, the game became completely frustrating and I basically got stuck. I read some of the reviews here to confirm my suspicion: there is no point in fighting 90% of the enemies. They will just use up your stickers. And when that happens, you have to back track a lot just to regain stickers and all non-bosses respawn!

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Left a lot to be desired.

posted by Yoshi_Boshi (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Nov 2, 2013

Member since Nov 2013

Compared to previous titles of the series, this game is really lacking and threw pretty much what we loved about paper mario out of the window. Things like sidekicks, open world, and an rpg like experience are absent; what we get is a platformer-like over world with a goal at the end of each level.

The story felt very mediocre compared to all of its predecessors and the lack of sidekicks, there wasn't much character development to be explored at all.

I feel that it has been a common trend that paper mario keeps removing more and more of its great mechanics as time goes by and it really saddens me; this game has made it clear that the focus and love for the series that was once there is being directed elsewhere...perhaps to another title featuring the famed mario bros. team.

This game is fun to all those who are looking for a new spin at a mario platformer but if you are looking for a paper mario game i would suggest hoping that the next one returns to its roots.

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