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Watch the cute girl eat gross body parts.........

posted by greg137 (CALDWELL, ID) Jul 1, 2013

Member since May 2010

This is a weird game to be certain... Basically, your beloved is cursed and she has to eat raw monster meat to stay HUMAN..... Uh.. yeah and if she doesn't she turns into a monster... How do you get the monster meat, you ask? Do you pull a Monster Hunter job? Carve up the meat with a knife, and cook it on a barbeque spit like most sane people??? NOPE!!! We will have NONE of that silliness here!! Instead, you have to use a magic chain to snag the monster while it is prone on the ground and still alive, and then you rip out the flesh! Then your cute girlfriend must then eat it raw while it is still dripping with blood and still pulsing with life! YUM! Doesn't that sound good?! What you need to throw up???
Oh, good I am glad we got something across to you!
because in any, I REPEAT, any sane world you should at least wait for it to stop moving, before you chow down, and hopefully you will check to make sure it isn't carrying any disease or parasites!!! Yeah... Normally, we of the NORMAL world prefer to cook it before we eat it.. I have seen some strange stuff in video games but this game takes the cake, eats it, throws it up, and then slurps it down with a straw taken from the sewers....... Yeah gross... This game is proof as to why we RENT them before we make the purchase, because I value my lunch, and I am of the mind not to see it again after I eat it....
Play at your own risk, and make sure your stomach is empty before you play this game.... God speed...

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