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GF Rating


Time limited exploration of Zelda esque dungeons

posted by Xetelian (STANWOOD, WA) Apr 24, 2013

Member since May 2012

1 out of 1 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

The game starts with a long cutscene that is suppose to explain why you're entering this dungeon and why you're being chased by a vegan army.
End Spoiler

Pandora's Tower is very much a hack and slash adventure, with very little story to move the narrative along as you go to the tower for the 100th time and return before time runs out.

-1 For opening with a Final Fantasy 13 likeness
-1 For time limited exploration
-1 For eww factor and sloppy dialog

Get past that and you've got a good game underneath, at least a 7/10.

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GF Rating



posted by hazelheart (EVERETT, WA) Jun 16, 2013

Member since Dec 2010

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

After playing the Xenoblade chronicles I feel as thought Pandora's tower didn't even come close to toping it, so I was very disappointed about that. This game could've had a lot of potential if they change some things like the controls for the battle and poor dialog. Personally I really wasn't that interested in the story that's why I'm giving this game a low rate. I wouldn't recommend this game :/

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GF Rating



posted by Remy21 (WARWICK, RI) Apr 29, 2013

Member since Aug 2012

1 out of 8 gamers (12%) found this review helpful

The wii usually disappoints me with its RPG type games, with a few exceptions.. This is yet another disappointment. This was the fastest ive ever sent a game back to Gamefly. No depth, no detail, weak story, bad voice acting. Failure.

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GF Rating


Its an okay game.

posted by matthew13 (CHESWICK, PA) Apr 19, 2013

Member since Jul 2010

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GF Rating

Very Good

Something Different

posted by unamoure (BUFORD, GA) Jun 19, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

The beginning of the game was hard to get around. The visuals were quite complicating the graphics were dark (of course being in a dungeon and all). Not bad, but not the worst. I enjoyed the cut-away scenes between gameplay because it made the game feel more like you were playing in an actual movie. I also enjoyed that you can easily skip through these scenes, seeing as how they are repetitious.

I think I enjoyed the storyline because it was a love story and these types of "maiden in distress" gives more motivation to the gameplay. I also enjoyed that you are able to interact with the characters and they are not just there for the story.

After beating the game once around, the game play becomes more challenging and enjoyable. Like any other game, the more items you have the better the game play, ie stronger weapons, stronger character. I also enjoyed that you are able to change the storyline the more you progress with the main characters. Watching one ending after beating the game the first time around, and then watching a completely different ending is so much more enjoyable and fulfilling to playing the game a second time around.

Lastly I enjoyed the controller usage. I have been feeling less guilty about sitting on my behind playing a video game with this one because like a zelda came, you use both nunchuck and remote to aim and shoot the weapons .

I would say this was more of a girly RPG game because of the story and the challenge level.

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GF Rating


A Sound Mechanical Device.

posted by FallenAngelus (WILTON, IA) Oct 13, 2013

Member since Oct 2013

Pandora's Tower is one of those few games that make great use of the wii motes motion controls, while in the heat of battle using the wii's motion controls to aim the hero Aeron's chain to tie up monsters allowing you chances to attack them freely, attach them to objects to limit there range or even just to rip there flesh clean off is expertly implemented. As is navigating the enviroment while swinging or pulling yourself or objects, and definitly is the strongest point of this game.

The story is fairly simple but implemented well and I won't spoil it for you; but the basics are that the woman you love has been cursed and you have to travel to the fortress of the 13 towers in order to obtain Masters flesh, Masters being the boss creatures each tower has one and your girlfriend needs to eat the flesh of each to break the curse. Each tower is themed around different mechanics of using Aerons chain weapon and are nicly implemented.

The background of the story is mostly presented through documents you collect through out the towers and range from researchers notes on the towers and their functions, day to day life, the Masters and their weaknesses and notes from the towers past residents. Presenting game world in a manner similiar to games such as the Souls series from From Soft.

Overall, if you enjoy richly crafted worlds such as Dark Souls or Nier, and are a fan of Action Adventure RPGS, you'll probably enjoy this game.

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GF Rating


A-OK, seemed too repetitive & nothing Wowed me

posted by nr_clark (MARLTON, NJ) Jul 6, 2013

Member since Oct 2012

The game was actually really freaky, where in some scenes where the girl has to eat the flesh in order to keep the curse away, gross! Other than that, the combat and level design is OK...nothing too amazing. Let's put it this way: God of War combat system is much more efficient (although different).. it's much more polished because the developers took the time to make it like that. Pandora's Tower was overall just that: unpolished. The towers got veeery repetitive in the sense that many rooms looked very similar in layout. It had pretty interesting moments here and there, but overall, the pace just lacked in wow factor. So...overall I'd recommend that you "look" at the game before you "rent" it. See for yourself how the game plays on YouTube: search "Pandora's Tower gameplay" and you'll see for yourself if it's for you.

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GF Rating


Watch the cute girl eat gross body parts.........

posted by greg137 (CALDWELL, ID) Jul 1, 2013

Member since May 2010

This is a weird game to be certain... Basically, your beloved is cursed and she has to eat raw monster meat to stay HUMAN..... Uh.. yeah and if she doesn't she turns into a monster... How do you get the monster meat, you ask? Do you pull a Monster Hunter job? Carve up the meat with a knife, and cook it on a barbeque spit like most sane people??? NOPE!!! We will have NONE of that silliness here!! Instead, you have to use a magic chain to snag the monster while it is prone on the ground and still alive, and then you rip out the flesh! Then your cute girlfriend must then eat it raw while it is still dripping with blood and still pulsing with life! YUM! Doesn't that sound good?! What you need to throw up???
Oh, good I am glad we got something across to you!
because in any, I REPEAT, any sane world you should at least wait for it to stop moving, before you chow down, and hopefully you will check to make sure it isn't carrying any disease or parasites!!! Yeah... Normally, we of the NORMAL world prefer to cook it before we eat it.. I have seen some strange stuff in video games but this game takes the cake, eats it, throws it up, and then slurps it down with a straw taken from the sewers....... Yeah gross... This game is proof as to why we RENT them before we make the purchase, because I value my lunch, and I am of the mind not to see it again after I eat it....
Play at your own risk, and make sure your stomach is empty before you play this game.... God speed...

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