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Really Bad

A punishing drawing game

posted by heimburg (ORLANDO, FL) Apr 22, 2006

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Right out the gate, Pac-Pix gives you a few laughs. You start out by drawing some Pac Man symbols and they come to life, wandering around the screen eating ghosts. It's fun to draw hideously deformed Pac Men, and watch your twisted freakish creations wander around. The quality of your drawing determines the speed and efficiency of the Pac Man, though, so you actually have to draw the best possible Pac Man in order to get good scores.

This idea of "draw things and they come to life" is repeated as you advance in level, but it becomes very punishing, because you have to draw them very precisely. For instance, you soon get the ability to draw arrows, and they will come to life to shoot things. You use these arrows to shoot things on the top DS screen, where you can't draw directly. However, the arrow goes EXACTLY where you drew the arrow head, so you need to be spot-on with your little drawing, or the arrow goes crooked. That's the whole challenge to the game -- drawing predefined shapes are precisely as possible. Since that's the only point of the game, they made it pretty hard. You can spend an hour practicing drawing arrow heads and still miss more than 50% of the time.

This game is fun for maybe three hours, tops. I played it for another three or four, trying to find more fun, but then I sent it back. Good thing it was a renter!

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posted by Layna2301 (MILWAUKEE, WI) Aug 26, 2011

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I didn't like Pac-Pix much at all.

What you do is try to defeat Pac-Man ghosts. To defeat them, you need to draw things. You draw a Pac-Man chomper guy to eat the ghosts, but you can only draw him in a specific way! So, if you're in a hurry, You are for sure going to lose, because you are still trying to figure out how you didn't draw the Pac-Man right.
It also said to draw arrows. THEY MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO DO!!!!!!! When I drew an arrow, it just turned grey and didn't work, but when I drew the Pac-Man the wrong way, THAT was accepted as and arrow.
My BIGGEST issue was that there was nothing else to do. When I got bored of the EXTREMELY hard levels that I don't want to deal with, I had to switch to a different game. I don't like Pac-Pix!

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Pass on this one

posted by IcePick (TRAVERSE CITY, MI) May 3, 2010

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I loved the concept, but it was more like playing a game on the failed Apple Newton than a DS. The hand-writing recognition was horrible. The levels are timed, and when you have to draw a symbol 13 times to get it to accept it, there is no way you can win under those conditions. I think more time in development could have turned this shovelware title into a great game.

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