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Winning as the Americans

When playing as the Americans you will need the following to defeat other fleets: fifteen battleships and only a few aircraft carriers. Also, only attack at night.

Gameplay Hint

Everywhere I go, I see the same \"supposed\" cheat, and it isn\'t really either accurate or a cheat, just a reasonable hint. If you start the American or Japanese side in 1939, you have over 2 years to get your tech and research maxed. With the American side, you can then pretty much build what ever you want with impunity, you have enough materials and cash flow to do what you want. Every time i have played the American side like this (using my own aircraft and ship designs, of course) I beat the game by late summer early winter 1942. I have trouble with the Japanese side, the Japaneese don\'t seam to have the material flow to support this stratagy, i usually run out of materials before i have a large enough fleet to do anything. then it is all down hill from there. As for the game itself, I do enjoy it, but i do have opne big beef. It seems to always be raining when i need my aircraft teh most, and i loose base after base because my air power was grounded. let me tell you, if that is the way it really was, we would all be speaking Japaneese or Greman now.