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P.N. 03

Not Rentable
GF Rating

299 ratings

Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Obtain a better ending

Finish the game under normal difficulty to receive an extra conversation between Vanessa and THE CLIENT; a new end screen saying GAME OVER, and a new title menu.

Getting the best ending

Finish the game in hard mode and get at least a REGULAR rank overall to get the best ending. This includes an extra conversation between Vanessa and THE CLIENT, with Vanessa apparently in the shower. You also will get a new "Game Over" screen.

Hard mode

Hard mode:

Blackbird suit

Finish the game under easy or normal difficulty to unlock the Blackbird suit. It is maxed out on every level and has three super moves from the start. You cannot change those moves or upgrade the suit. You also get a new title menu when you unlock this suit.

Papillon suit

Finish the game a second time on the same saved game file. This suit is also maxed out but has no barrier; one hit and you are dead. However, you will get to see a lot more of Vanessa. You can also now assign what super moves you want your character to have at each portal and in the inter-mission menus. When you unlock this suit you also unlock a new title menu.