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Get "Touch Darts" Instead

posted by DoubleTops (NEWTON, MA) Jun 29, 2009

Member since Apr 2006

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I am an avid steel tip darts player in real life and a big fan of the PDC. However, the license is all that this game has going for it. Even then, the player character graphics are not great, stiff and poorly animated. If you like Sid Wadell commentary, then maybe that's a plus for you, but I find him grating and obnoxious.

I admit I did not get far in this game, but the reason is important. A darts videogame on a console with a touch screen interface like the DS is ALL ABOUT the controls. One would think that with a physical input you should be able to get a realistic throwing mechanic, but the way you throw the dart in this game is both unintuitive and extremely clunky. Even when you get the hang of it, it is NOT FUN to throw the dart, it is frustrating. This ruined the game for me right from the beginning.

If you think I am being overly harsh, than you should pick up a DS dart title that is a few years older, but MILES ahead of this one in the control scheme. That game is TOUCH DARTS (not available on GF as of this writing). Touch Darts has a natural throwing mechanism where you use the stylus to "flick" the dart toward the board in a natural smooth motion. In PDC darts, you rub the stylus up and down, if you do not do this in a straight line, your throw doesn't register, it is stiff and very non intuitive, pretty much the opposite of how TD implemented the throwing mechanic.

In short, if this game used the TD control scheme (they should have licensed it) then it would be FANtastic to use along with the PDC license and players that are so familiar to dart fans. Unfortunately, shoddy controls ruins the entire experience. Stay away from this. If you want the best dart game for your DS, scour used game bins and eBay for a copy of the far superior Touch Darts.

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