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posted by AmandaSue1212 (HERNSHAW, WV) Jan 11, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

This is the third time I've gotten a game that doesn't work!!!! First it was Fable3, then Mwf2, now this. I'm about to delete my account, it's not worth the two week wait for a game that doesn't work.

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Very Good

Worth the First Time

posted by jfalkiew (MARQUETTE, MI) Oct 26, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

This is one of those games I am glad I played, but also happy I didn't pay full price for. It has a decent story line and is relatively open on where you want to go and what you want to do. Lots of places to find and look at. The upgrading system seems to be a bit high in prices, but overall is not completely needed to beat the game. Very puzzle oriented with you having to figure out which minions to use in order to get past each area, unless if full out tells you what you need to do.

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More Fun Then A Barrel Full Of Minions

posted by Killa_Ounze (BIRNAMWOOD, WI) Oct 24, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

A hack and slash adventure RPG with a twist. Certain elements of the game remind me of a platform to be honest.
You can customize your castle, pick good or evil, play god, and control an army of slightly demented minions as you shoot down old heroes of the land like fish in a barrel. You learn a variety of spells, and gain a variety of hordes each with different uses for battle, exploring the regions, and upgrading your armor.
I only have a few complaints about the game. 1: No mini-map, or map. This makes finding places and exploring all corners of a dungeon extremely difficult, especially when you mix in my second complaint. 2: No control of the camera angle, unless you count turning your character a direction then pressing the right bumper to look forward, or pressing down the right analog stick for an overhead view "control". 3: There is at least 10 achievements for online play, but I have never seen activity in the lobby meaning that if you want those achievements talk your friends into buying or renting this game.
Overall the maps can be time consuming and a bit confusing at times, and the lack of control of your camera can be frustrating... but all and all there is plenty to do, the game play is never overly complicated, but strategy does help, there is some laughable come mischief, and although the story isn't the most in depth, the game over all is fun ...and after all isn't that what's important?

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