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Above Average

Decent game

posted by dru4a68 (bremen, AL) Aug 2, 2009

Member since May 2007

I really liked the game it reminded me of fable in ways. The game is chock full of bugs. I put up with it till 3/4 of the way it froze up where I could not play any more.

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GF Rating


Worse than the first

posted by madrain (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) Jul 27, 2009

Member since Aug 2006

I was very excited to play this game, but have been disappointed. What I'd hoped had improved on the original instead completely missed the mark and flubbed up in ways the original wasn't.

First, the pros: Being able to play as a child in the very beginning. It was much more fun than the tutorial part of the first game. They missed the mark, however, by making you complete another tutorial just like the first game. So, basically, you're forced to complete two different tutorials when they could have just stuck with the original fun one and let you complete others at your leisure on the throne.

Also, dominating the townsfolk. It was fun to have something more to do with townsfolk this time through. They missed the mark again, though, by making minions only able to "trap" townsfolk rather than kill them outright, so orb gathering is even more of a chore this time around.

Cons: Bugs, bugs, bugs. I stopped counting but only 2 hours in, I had already had to restart the game four (4!!!) times because of getting stuck thanks to bugs. For instance, they place a hive next to a mana stone, but if you command your minions to retrieve both at once, they inevitably bump together, blocking the passage. You can recall the minions but the two items are forever stuck together, meaning you can't progress in the game. Or, perhaps you pull a lever at the wrong time. It does nothing, but then when you pull it at the right time.. it still does nothing. Then there's the targeting issues other people have commented on, the bad camera (which sometimes gets stuck on things and you can't take it off).. the bad animations and modeling.. I'd hoped they'd make the master less bow-legged this time around but they still insist on giving him a massive chest with 6 year old boy hips so he runs around like he's ridden a camel for the first 20 years of his life.. Ugh, I don't have enough space to go on.

If you haven't played either game, play Overlord 1 first. It's better.

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GF Rating

Above Average

lets step it up a notch

posted by yaghaa (GRETNA, VA) Jul 21, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

Overlord1 was a great game steping outside of most games making you in controll of many minions
Overlord2 brought back the old greatness of the overlord1 adding in a mini map, (wich saves me more time then a kitten in a basket)
and mounts wich add some but not alot of flavor to the game i still love to do the mini tasks in large digits solving simple puzzles that 7 year olds can do.
the addition of the ability to take over towns helps some but not much since the town interaction is to a bare minimum in overlord two they also added the ability to posses (mind the spelling) your minions adding severle anoying parts of running and dieing and comeing back to die again.

being able to own your own neather world tower is just as nice as it use to be with all the cutamizable things to do with it youll be spending severle unwanted hours sooping up.

having your own winch is nice but having mutiple.. hmmm

overall this game is worth getting and as good value to it but to buy at 50-60 $$ you better stick with gamefly this is most def a game to play "once" but having fun do so.

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