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Very Good

Same but improved

posted by Droppo (MOUNTLAKE TERRACE, WA) Jul 4, 2009

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The main problem that I had with the first game has been remedied with this sequel. In the first game, I never truly felt like my character was evil. Before killing a unicorn, the game made sure to do something to twist and warp the unicorn to make it seem evil. Then I'd kill it. I wanted to kill a bright and sparkley unicorn. That's what evil would do. And before rampaging through a villiage of "hobbits," the game first twisted them into nasty little guys that you wouldn't mind killing. I wanted to destroy Hobbiton, not a goblin villiage. The new game gets this right, including haughty sounding fair skinned elves, villiages full of good and decent people, and even little baby seals and hoppy bunnies for you to destroy. That's EVIL!

So now that evil is good, what about the gameplay? Well, it's very much like the first Overlord game with only a few variations. Graphics are improved, looking like a cross between World of Warcraft and Fable 2. Controls are pretty easy to get the hang of and the sound and voice acting is excellent.

The only real flaws in this game to me are the repetitive nature of constantly sending your minions to solve puzzles for you. That's what the game is supposed to be all about though, so if you enjoy doing that, then this game is for you. I really liked it at first, saw that it was a really good game, but after a while it did grow tiresome for me. I think I wanted my Overlord character to go out and do more kicking of goodie goodie fannies by himself. Get his hands dirty so to speak. He can mix it up with the enemies from time to time, but it's best to let your minions handle most of the work.

Telling a story and providing humor are the main two things that most strategy games are missing, but they are widely abundant in Overlord 2. These coupled with the excellent graphics, sound, and fun fantasy setting make the game a definite rental for at least one playthrough.

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GF Rating

Very Good

The sequel is as good as the first one

posted by Blaarth (Silver Spring, MD) Oct 19, 2009

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If you liked the first Overlord, you'll like this one. While many other reviewers have criticized this game for being too much like the first one, if I had a delicious piece of pie, I would not turn down a second, especially if the second piece had whipped cream.
THE OLD The Overlord series is primarily a (violent) puzzle solver. Your primary goal is to travel from point A to some objective at point B, with all manor of obstacles in your way that only some of your host can pass. This is the puzzle solving part – getting only yourself or some of your minions past a point, in order to make the way safe for the rest.
THE NEW The ability to occasionally ‘possess’ your minion (allowing you to squeeze past areas too small for you as overlord), and the addition of wolves (allowing minions to jump across gaps) and spiders (allowing minions to climb walls) adds more convoluted puzzles to solve. Revisiting the culinary metaphor, the mounts are the whipped cream on this second helping of sinfully delicious pie.
Man am I hungry.

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It Has Good But Also A Decent Amount Of Bad.

posted by Wewo1234 (STAFFORD, VA) Aug 30, 2010

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I'll start with the good: It's extremely fun to go around and cause mayhem with your minions, it was fun to upgrade your overlord and your castle. The graphics were good.

The bad: It was very hard to control minions with the many controls,The minions are dumb(more then they should) and hard to work with, It felt like i was runing around doing the same thing's just making mayhem and killing people witch dont get me wrong is fun but gets to be more of the same witch makes it realy boring.This game could have been a great game if they had fixed at least some of these problems.

In other words it's worth renting but definently not worth buying.

This is my first review so you might want to look at some other reivews also.

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