Rent Over the Hedge for Xbox
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Over the Hedge

Not Rentable
Also on:PS2, DS, GBA, GC
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Gameplay Controls

Over the Hedge

Left Thumbstick Move Character
A Button Jump. Double Jump (Double-Tap).
B Button Interact. Pick-Up. Activate. Drop.
X Button Melee. Throw Item You're Carrying. Lunge Attack (Hold, Release).
Y Button Energy Attack. Spinning Energy Attack (Hold).
Black Button Switch Character
Left Trigger Switch Weapon
Right Trigger Sneak (Hold)
Start Pause Menu
Combo #1 B Button (Hold), Left Thumbstick (Hold, Release) = Ranged Attack

Left Thumbstick Steering
A Button Accelerate
X Button Brake. Reverse.
Left Trigger Boost
Right Trigger Boost
Start Pause Menu