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It Truly Is A Kids' Game...

posted by MICHAELSD (BRICK, NJ) Jun 13, 2006

Member since Sep 2005

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Well, Over the Hedge starts off in the last heist at the end of the movie then starts a new story all its own. Unfortunately, though none of the voice actors from the movie could come. The replacements are good but, no where near as good as the ones used in the movie. The game is far too easy! If you take a peek at the options menu you'll notice a difficulty select, easy,normal, and hard but, even on hard the game is way too easy.

It does do a lot of things the way Lego Star Wars did, for better or for worse. Including unlimited health and 2 player co-op. But, trying to fill the game's shoes just didn't work out. You'll run around smashing things, too. The combats OK at most but, just not that much. Platforming is very simple, too. Often requiring you to jump over lasers. You can pick up shovels and kiddy guns after you kill an enemy that's holding it for different combat style.

The game also features a ton of extras that you can unlock ranging from comics to concept art to various videos. Oh, and did I mention the TERRIBLE camera??? The camera has preset angles that you can't control at all! It would've really been better for a game like this to have a camera you control.

The graphics look decent at best but, nothing that'll amaze you. And the cinematics Activision did add are uninspired, dull, and not at all funny. The game offers 5.1 channel surround sound in the options menu but, the positioning is horrible. After you complete a mission you can go back "over the hedge" and see animals using it, eating it, etc. You can also hear different conversations between the animals. This is defetinely on of the game's only good things, unfortunately. Multiplayer is another snore fest due to bad controls and dull games to choose from.

The game is also pretty short. It should take about 4-8 hours to finish depending oh how many extras you want to collect and things like that. So basically if you want a good platformer rent Daxter(PSP) and only rent this for kids.

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posted by Onisan (SHERMAN OAKS, CA) May 15, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

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Why did i play this you ask?
To make sure a write a review so you wont get it.

Gameplay: Its a movie game based for kids what do you expect? The grapchis are like my N64, nah jk but they still aren't that good. Not much gameplay and not that much action. But you shouldn't expect that much from this kind of title.

Story: Based on the movie but add those kiddy puzzles.

Overall: Rent it if your a 9 year old or younger, give it to your little cousin if you accidently bought it. No renting it at all unless your messed up in the head.

Gameplay: 5
Story: 5
Overall: 5

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This game is okay

posted by camymills (HILLSBORO, OH) Nov 13, 2006

Member since Oct 2006

This was a cute game, but some of the things that you have to do is kinda hard for kids. My son loved the game but I had to do alot of the extra things before he could move on.

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