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under g fighters

posted by adoublexCK (SHAKOPEE, MN) Jul 7, 2006

Member since Sep 2005

okay, let's try and keep this simple. we all play games to have fun, and although i do get some pleasure from the game, the absence of the sense of speed to me really kills the fun. the simulation aspect of the game is what almost every console flight game has been missing, but the style in which this uses simulation just isnt that fun. if your really into jets like i am you'll still get some enjoyment out of this game. but dont expect it to just blow your socks off.


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GF Rating


The more you play the better it gets

posted by cyclingpla (FORT BELVOIR, VA) Jul 6, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

This game right out of the box is kind of a let down, you start with one jet and the first few missions are kind of boring...but it is after you play that you truly start to enjoy the game. It takes a few missions to fully appreciate the rather simplistic control setup and the aircrafts limitations...but when you do you start to enjoy the game.

It is kind of a let down because the game is right smack dab in the middle of being a flight sim and an arcade game, it would have been nice if they'd have changed the following:

- more realistic aircraft handling, in a real jet you can do a 360, in the aircraft in this game you are limited to turning around 85 degrees, a far cry from 360 degrees.

- the mission briefs are horrible, graphics are awful and kind of a waste of time, Ubisoft should have taken notes from some of their other games (i.e. Splinter Cell, GR:AW, etc) for how they did it right.

- the fact that you have to unlock every aircraft except for the F-14 is a bit ridiculous, you should be given a small stable of aircraft to choose right from the beginning.

This game isn't pushing the graphics of the 360 to the limit and it doesn't offer ground breaking gameplay aspects, it does however fill a small niche for a flight sim type game. I'll admit that I didn't care for it when I first put it in the 360 but after a few missions and after unlocking a few aircraft it gets better and more challenging, I'm glad I rented it first. The Jury is still out on if I'll buy it, but that's why we have Gamefly isn't it, kind of try before you buy.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Get's off the ground...but quick to eject!!

posted by tucson (CHANDLER, AZ) Jul 6, 2006

Member since Jan 2005

A few have reviewed this game as one that takes time to warm up to...Sorry, doesn't work and gamers are "fickle" that way..."It needs to work for us within the first 15 mins of playing, or we get bored."

Right off the bat...Graphics are sharp, clean and are some of the best on the 360...Sound is very good at capturing thrusts and afterburners....Menus are unique, lively and keeps your eye moving...Voice talent and Calls to Action are weak to average. The interaction of 3D menus with animated characters tells me that money ran out...and corners had to be cut...and it shows. (If you're going to design a game, putting hardcore money and time, complete it and go all the way. ) Gameplay, initially for the beginner is good, but action fades and lacks depth...if it gets off the ground at all.

If they were to ask me... add the ability to control play with both joysticks, as controls are sluggish, at best. If money ran out...find ways to make characters mysterious, so viewer cannot see their faces, voicematch to animation or tell if it's animated or 3D. That's it for now.

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