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over G fighters

posted by jason1020 (FAIRVIEW, NC) Jun 30, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

16 out of 23 gamers (70%) found this review helpful

I enjoyed the game but it has a steep learning curve. It is a little tough to just pick up and play. I would recommend it to the older gamer as it may frustrate a young gamer. I found the game to have a rockin sound track but it could do with a few more tracks. The graphics are breath taking. Even the shadows look good.

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Over G under whelms...

posted by tazdir (GLENDALE, CA) Jul 5, 2006

Member since Dec 2003

30 out of 45 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Sometimes it's the little things that can make a game great. Sometimes it's the big things that can make a game simply atrocious. OVER G FIGHTERS fails on both measures.

Let's start with the little things. You realize you're getting a really bad Japanese-port right from the start. The number of button-presses required to simply select your hard drive and create a new game was about as tedious as you can get. Even worse, the in-game menus look like a place holder, as if the game designers accidentally forgot to replace them a sharper, more contemporary interface. Instead, everything pops up with a solid white background with a font that brings back memories of Sega Genesis or Nintendo 64. In HD, it looks even worse.

Now the big things. Who needs a tutorial? It's not a flight simulator? Or is it? Using the horribly designed menus, you finally navigate your way to the first campaign mission. After taking off (just hold down the "Speed Up") you find three enemy aircraft in front of you a few miles away. The computer prompts you to switch to Weapon mode. Three quick shots later, the mission is over. Seriously. Maybe two minutes. Then you're prompted to watch the replay. Again. Two minutes. Each subsequent mission is the same. Take off, find target (normally placed directly ahead of you), fire and you're done. Yawn.

All of this from someone who really wanted to enjoy this game. The graphics (for the planes) are beautiful and I've been waiting for an up-to-date simulator to bring the F-14 Tomcat back to life. Though the F-14 is present, the gameplay has already ejected even before you get off the deck.

Sorry folks. No recommendation here.

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Extremely frustrating and buggy

posted by ClayPigeon (BIRMINGHAM, AL) Jul 3, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

15 out of 24 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

I rarely rate a game this low, but seeing as how the developers and publishers decided to push it out "as is", I am going to harp on what I feel are it's major bad points:

1. Default settings will get you killed. Unless you go into the settings and change the control type from Arcade to Real, you will not have a chance. Even after making this change, if you get a missile fired at you, you are 99% likely to die in one hit. This is on the easiest difficulty, by the way.

2. Achievements cause the game to freeze before the replay. While not 100% positive on what causes this bug, I believe that if you fly a mission and fail, then retry it and win, the following will happen. You will be notified that you have unlocked a plane. Once you hit the button to continue to the replay, your 360 will freeze up on a black screen. When you reboot your machine, and check your achievements, you will have the gamer points, but you will NOT have the plane you unlocked in the game and you will NOT have cleared the mission you were on - extremely frustrating if the mission you were playing was difficult - and really, any mission where planes spawn behind you, lock a missile and kill you in approximately 5 seconds falls under the "difficult" category.

It really saddens me that game companies release stinking heaps like this. Be glad you have Gamefly and aren't stuck crying over that $60 you just kissed goodbye.

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