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Very Good

Simply put...multiplayer is where it's at....

posted by c5ryan312 (STOCKTON, CA) Jul 10, 2006

Member since Apr 2005

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I'm not going into the single player, because in all truth, it was a so-so campaign. Single player campaign gets a 6/10 in my book. Wingman is useless, and missions can get tedious trying to beat over and over, with some being near impossible. Expert mode is what a person familiar with flight sims should start with, otherwise don't'll just get frustrated with the difficulty.

But single player is not where this game shines, it's the online Live component that deserves special recognition. Ditch the crummy wingman from the single player campaign, and trade in for a real-life wingman on Live. That's team up in Arena mode with another person, and can fly against three other teams. Basically it's a free-for-all, with you and your new teammate battling it out versus the other teams to see who can kill who, the most. Basically, it's a Team Deathmatch the air. You also have the ability to strike at the other teams base, which also weakens the teams score. After you've used up all your ammo/fuel, head back to base, land, and replenish your supplies. Once your done, you'll be back on your way into the sky for some more action. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. It's the most fun I've had on Live in a while. It actually had me sitting on the edge of my seat while playing, because I seriously didn't want to get beat...because let's face it...getting blown out of the sky is one of THE worst ways to get owned in a game. It'll take all your wit and sense to be a good pilot on Live.

The online component gets a 9/10 from me. F-U-N all the way. Only bad thing is, you HAVE to play the single player campaign in order to unlock the jets in the game...wish there was a way to just have them all unlocked in the Live portion of the game without having to unlock them in the single player. But oh well, to the victor goes the spoils...

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Over G Fighters - 21st Century Dog Fighting

posted by MastaG (POTTSVILLE, PA) Jul 1, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

70 out of 87 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

WOW, Over G Fighters is unbelievable. With over 75 single player missions, and 4 vs. 4 online play this game is definetly one to hold on to.

However, this game is not for average or recreation players. Over G is, and I mean IS very difficult once you get further into the missions. Users MUST have their controller settings to "REAL" and NOT "Arcade". Under the "arcade" settings users can not do barrell rolls, nor can you use your left and right rudders. So when setting up your profile, make sure to use "REAL" control settings. It also helps to turn chaffs and flares to "manual" instead of "auto", and its always fun to turn landing to "manual" instead of "auto".

The only reason I did not give this a 10 out of 10 is for the mission briefing is a little weak, but the gameplay goes over and beyond any expectations. Also the online play needs a patch. It does what "Call of Duty 2" did when the 360 first launched where the lobby closes when the game ends, but don't worry this wil be patched in the near future. When it does the online play will be incredible with 4 vs. 4, 3 vs. 3, 2 vs. 2, or of cours 1 vs. ALL.

Watching your rockets that you've just locked onto your targets soar through the sky at 20,000 feet and explode is just amazing. This game goes ABOVE and BEYOND "Blazing Angels" which is just a horrible, horrible game. If you are looking for THE 21st century dogfighting game on the 360, Over G Fighters is the game. Below are my ratings for the game:

Graphics: 10
Gameplay: 10
Audio: 9
Online: 8 (9 once they patch the online play)
Difficulty: 9
Replay Value: 9
User Genre: Advanced or Expert (Casual and recreation players are not advised to play this game)

In conclusion, Over G Fighters is the video game for "TOP GUN". With over 75 single player missions, over 35 planes, locations ALL over the world, this game is the best of the best. Believe me, taking off and landing on aircraft carriers is just......INCREDIBLE!

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Your in command of the best fighters in the world!

posted by python000 (WHITEHALL, PA) Jul 2, 2006

Member since Dec 2005

32 out of 40 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

Over G has to be the most gorgeous flight simulator I have ever played. The fighters are designed to look and fly like the real thing.

I've noticed on some reviews from other websites that they think this game is either too easy or not real enough. This is untrue. Why? You HAVE to set the controls up for REALISM and EXPERT settings --- ONLY for those who have flown flight simulations before (and are seasoned at flight sims like Ace Combat and others). In addition, you need to go into the Game Options and set your Stereo to 5.1 after one mission (if you have home theater). I do not know why Taito did not give you the option in the beginning, but that is minor. After you set the sound and the above options, the game is awesome!

In addition, the take-offs and landings make you sweat. The realism is uncanny as the cross-winds and other flight variables make you grab your controller tight while adjusting your rudders and checking your speed. Truly and awesome achievement!

Did you know that the F-14, with the insignia of the Skull and Cross Bones, you fly in the beginning of the game is actually THE ELITE fighter squadron in the entire U.S. Navy? The squadron is called the "Jolly Rogers".

Hint: Aerial Combat Maneuvers

If you are playing on Expert, the enemy fighters are difficult to take down. High speed maneuvers with the afterburners going can cause serious G's which can rip your wings right off of your airplane. I found that you should reduce airspeed to about 80% while enabling your airbrake. This way the stress on your fighter is less and turning is far faster. Once you've completed about 90% of the turn to get a target on the enemy, take off the airbrake and hit the afterburners.

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