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Outlaw Golf


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Gameplay Controls

Outlaw Golf
GamePlay: When ready to Swing: Press A, then move the Right Thumbstick Back to the desired Power Rating, then push the stick Up to Swing (Straight Up is best). To Attack your Caddy, press Y to enter the Beat Screen, then A to start the Beat Slider, then A again when the Slider reaches the Beat Target (Small blue band).

Directional Pad Up/Down = Switch Club
Left Thumbstick Shot Aim/Putt Target/Composure (Press In)
Right Thumbstick Ball Hit Point/Switch to Camera Mode (Press In)
A Button Address Ball/Taunt (Other Player's Turns)
B Button View Target
X Button Approach Shot/Putting Break
Y Button Beating Mode (Beat Caddy)
White Button Grid
Black Button Help
Left Trigger Zoom In
Right Trigger Zoom Out
Start Pause
Back Cancel/Hole Info