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Above Average

Good for a rent

posted by Kenholio (ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL) Apr 18, 2006

Member since Jan 2003

If you haven't heard anything else about this game, then you need to know one major point first: This is NOT a serious WW2 game. It wasn't meant to be. It's mindless fun with a WW2 wrap. The characters are SUPPOSE to be dumb movie-cliches and what not to keep the game from being too serious. A third person shooter at it's core, you can also lead a squad, enter/exit any vehicle, & purchase more equipment/vehicles via the 'destruction on demand' menu. The 'destruction on demand' menu/purchase system is similar to Mercenaries on Xbox(need a jeep? In 2 button presses, one drops from the sky right at your feet. Need reinforcement? Ditto). Actually, the entire game feels like Mercenaries in WW2. The only difference is the Outfit is not a 'sandbox' game. You have a clear path, and must take over certain checkpoints along this path. Rinse, repeat. The game will get monotous after a while, as you can run and gun through everything. The AI is a bit retarded too (Nazis just stand there while my halftrack rolls over them...then my own men just happen to jump in front of my halftrack and die too. Der). I wouldn't own this game, but I will rent it until I beat it. After long sessions of Elder Scrolls or Tomb Raider, it's a nice little diversion and should be taken in small chunks. I have not tried the online mode yet.

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Great idea! What a poor game though...

posted by CTimmons (ALBANY, NY) Apr 18, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

Thatta boy THQ! I love the idea of blending strategy and action into one game. I am a big command and conquer fan and I enjoy a well built FPS just as much. Although the idea was great the game was sour. The campaign wasn’t much fun at all. I felt there wasn’t enough strategy involved, and I really disliked having to use the vehicles( and steer the vehicles!!!). There was a ray of sunshine when I jumped on Live. The Live game play is an avenue that should be tried again. The mixing of two genres was great at first but then left me asking the question “Is this it?”. I got what I wanted but just not enough of either game type. Head to Head was a good time and this path could lead to a fantastic game down the road. Thanks for giving it a shot THQ, and I hope to see more of this new genre.

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Not up to the hype

posted by atomicmage (RICHMOND, VA) Apr 17, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

ill tell you the games ok but even bothering to buy it would be a mistake on your part and with only 12 missions the game can be beat in less than a day also the levels are easy no matter what level of difficulty you put it on and if you die you can respond as many times as you want to until you beat the level so what im saying is is that this game wasn't worth the waite.

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