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Very Good

Lots OF Fun In Multiplayer

posted by Alowe2007 (HIGHLAND HOME, AL) Apr 15, 2007

Member since Mar 2007

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The best part of this game is multiplayer. If your going to play dont play alone, This is not a good single player game. If you like to blow things up you will probably like this game. With a variety of guns and vehicles like this you realy cant go wrong. I loved to play against a friend but couldn't realy get into single player. This is still a fun game all around and I would recommend it to anyone who likes war games.

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Stratigy and the 360

posted by Xceptiona1 (OMAHA, NE) Apr 19, 2006

Member since Dec 2005

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Outfit is a great game for casual gamers who enjoy strategy. This is not a FPS and isn't really a hardcore strategy game. To me, the Outfit is a casual strategy game. It has good graphics and sounds. The single player game is fun, but little more than a way to teach you the various weapons in the game, a tutorial of sorts. You really only play as the Americans, so I wish you could play as the Germans for a bit, to get more familiar with them for multiplayer. As with most Xbox360 games, it is rather short and quick, but if you are a casual gamer and enjoy strategy it's fun to play a quick match after work before dinner and the like.

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Lot of Fun!! Addicting...Online is Terrific.....

posted by Jethro1964 (MANSFIELD, TX) Apr 17, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

5 out of 12 gamers (42%) found this review helpful

If any of you have seen the movie Kelly's Heroes this is kinda like that in a way. You know when watching the movie that its not a serious war movie but a fun to watch exciting movie with guys behind the lines outnumbered, cracking jokes the whole way and blasting the enemy, not too realistic but fun...well that basically "The Outfit" xbox game.

The full version is better than the demo and ive enjoyed the campaign very much and this game is terrific on xbox live with team play or head to head.

The details in the weapons are great, the collateral damage from blasts is much better than on the demo and the rag doll effect is pretty cool. Driving vehicles was tough at first but now that ive played a while its become second hand and not difficult imo.I blasted through german defences and took the main objective only to have german reinforcements coming up from the rear. I had left a damaged tank on they way only to find the enemy had repaired the tank and was using it against me, lol. It is cartoonish, the movie clips are entertaining and the one liners are kinda funny imo....again kinda like the one liners in K.H. I have read over and over about the aiming of weapons. Remember this is in the 40's during WW2 not 2006 so laser guided aiming and pinpoint accuracy was not available and again imo seem to be accurate for the era the game is geared toward. Thats why the Allies would send 1,000 bombers or mass their artillery for dont expect pinpoint accuracy and no cruise missles.

I would say rent the game see if the game is for you. If you have xbox live its a MUST to try online if not then your missing out on the best part of the game. Also, its a little frustrating at first with the vehicles but practice then go online.

If your looking for a serious xbox WW2 game the two best IMO are Call of Duty 2 (xbox 360) and Sniper Elite (xbox) both of which are terrific WW2 games. However, for a fun light hearted game with terrific sound, realistic WW2 weap

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