Rent Outfit for Xbox 360
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Protecting the Zeppellin level

First get your field units to 9999. Upon arriving at the airfield, *SAVE*. Capture the armory with *Von Beck*. Build AT (the strongest kind) all around it. Build 2-3 ATs near the Axis tank spawn as to destroy that annoying tank. Capture the motor pool and build ATs there. Next, see if your guns or gunners have been destroyed, if so rebuild/reinforce them. Then build ATs near the Zeppelin secure points. Order a Panther. Capture and reinforce the radio tower. Return to the Zeppelin and defend it from tanks. When you receive the "air-strikes inbound" message, build AA guns (also the strongest type) to knockout the planes.

Make your own foxhole

When there is a deep hole in the ground, order an anti-tank gun or machine gun nest in front of it. Try crouching down in it to get protection when reloading or when your gun overheats. For example, when you are Deuce and he is reloading his bazooka, crouch down in the hole. The anti-tank gun or machine gun nest will take over.