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Worth it for the fans only

posted by Plasmawarrior (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Sep 4, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

I'm into Gradius, been since I was 4, so this game takes me back a long way. It's creative nature makes everyone you can select in this game different to play, which gives you a huge boost in the game. It's also not hard to play, meaning it's a start-to-finish shooting fest.

I do like some of the soundtrack, but by now I have to complain about the purely Japanese-only voice acting. I'm not bashing anime fans, but as a gamer I prefer my native language any day. A few times I often wondered what was being said because I didn't speak the same language. Video game companies in Japan, especially Tecmo-Koei need to learn this fast.

However the graphics and the controls are great. There weren't as many cheep deaths (in fact, none at all for me) as people told me. Everything functions very well from the start. And the outfits aren't as amusing as a lot of anime characters' outfits can be (If you saw Queen's Blade before, you know what I mean).

All-in-all, this won't hurt you to pick up for a few days. It's fun and enjoyable for anyone who wants to live their past gaming days in the present world of Otaku Culture.

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Otomedius Excellent

posted by David777 (OXNARD, CA) Jun 22, 2012

Member since Jun 2012


Okay, in short it's fun game. In recent months I've played big name titles like Mass Effect 3, Bioshock II, Skyrim, etc. etc. But what game made me smile? What game would often cause me to laugh? Otomedius!

And that's what I mean by that it's just a fun game, because that's what it is: fun. It's a good time. And is perfect as a great rental. Admittedly I wouldn't buy it retail because it's so short and lacking in content, but if you want have a good time for a day or three then Otomedius is perfect for you.

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Easy, Weird, and Fun

posted by MegaSeveN (ANAHEIM, CA) Jan 31, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

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If you've ever played a Gradius game, then you'll be able to jump into this title with no explanation. If not, the upgrade system can be a bit confusing at first. Instead of merely picking up a "Spread Shot" power up, or a "Shield", you have a bar at the bottom of the screen listing all your possible upgrades.

If you collect one power up, the first item is highlighted. If you collect another, the second one lights up, and so on. All you have to do to activate an upgrade is hit a button. So if you want to upgrade your speed, you usually only have to collect one power up and hit the button. However, if you want a shield, you usually have to collect six power ups and then press the button. It's complicated, but once the player gets used to it, it's hard to deny its excellence.

Otomedius blends that classic upgrade scheme with the Magical Girl formula found in many animes like Sailor Moon to have what I think are a bunch of high school girls that use ships similar to other classic games like Gradius or Twin Bee to fight of the Bacterion forces. All of the voice work is in Japanese so the story is delegated to scrolling text on the bottom left of the screen, but let's be honest... who plays these games for the story?

If you like shooters, regardless of your skill, this is worth a try. It's easy enough for new players to jump in on, and interesting enough for experienced players to enjoy.

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