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Fake Cooking is...FUN!

posted by ecase629 (SAN DIEGO, CA) Jul 31, 2008

Member since Jun 2007

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Ok, first things first. This game is NOT for everybody. Just think about it, is there any possibility you might find the idea of cooking in a video game fun? If you said no, then just move on. If you said yes, continue below.
I'll start by just mentioning that my occupation is cooking. I'm a line cook at a fine dining seafood and steak house and have worked many short order cook positions in the past. This game really represents the feel of cooking in a restaurant! From just burgers and fries in the beginning to full French preparations later, every meal gives you a semi-accurate feeling of cooking the dish. You grill the burgers until the indicator reaches the appropriate level (some might like it well done, others rare and most medium) while also trying to fry the fries, slice the tomato and leaf the lettuce...and that's just one customer out of four.
It's this multi-tasking in the game that gives the feel of restaurant line work. If one meal is done before another's, it will get cold in the window. So, you really have to have to pay attention to what needs to be done first by doing the longer tasks first and even hiring sous chefs to help (although, most of them will get bad scores on what they do).
As you progress, you'll unlock themed restaurants (mexican, italian and french)as well as spices to use in dishes and chef specials for each restaurant. It's these features that give the game a little more depth. You can purchase spices like garlic, pepper, salt, lemons, basil, etc. and use them for a patron (salty sam likes...salt)or combine in a dish to make a chef special (add cinnamon to each pancake and you'll get cinnamon pancakes). You can also buy these specials so it'll tell you how to make it, but for me it's more fun to try to figure them out (it'll also save you money, because the specials are very expensive).
My only complaint is that the mini-games are pointless and it could've been longer. But, I haven't yet tried hard, so that should keep me busy.

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Best cooking game

posted by Irish79 (APOPKA, FL) Feb 12, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

8 out of 8 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

This is the game my husband bought me with my Wii for Christmas. He knew that I had played cooking games on the computer and figured I would like this one. He was right! This game makes cooking, chopping, frying and more so interactive.

After 2 days of playing this game with my right arm I could barely raise it without it hurting. There were muscles worked in that arm that I didn't even realize I had. I had to play the next few days with my left arm.

This game also has GREAT sound effects that come from the Wii remote such as bubbling, frying, knife sounds and more. It is somewhat difficult to get the hang of at first so I would not recommend for children under 10. My 5 year old wanted to play so bad and when I tried to let her play the training mode at the beginning she got frustrated and didn't want to play anymore.

The only down side to this game is that you can not pass up some of the career video modes. After beating the game in Normal mode in 9 hours I went back and started playing in Hard mode (also fun), but you can't skip pass the videos and since I have already seen it, it seemed like a waste of time to me.

All and all a GREAT GAME!

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"Order Up" Try before you buy

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jul 30, 2008

Top Reviewer

Member since Jan 2008

10 out of 13 gamers (77%) found this review helpful

The recipe for Order Up is to take Cooking Mama and toss in a huge helping of Diner Dash.
Players in this game assume the role of head chef. Once they've gone through the tutorial, they embark on a culinary mission to turn four disaster sites into wonderful eateries.
To get the job done, players will have to make dishes. Each dish has several steps and each step is a micro game where the player utilizes the Wiimote.
You will mix, fry, bake, chop, peel, dice, and do other cook's functions. Perform them well, and you'll get more cash for the dishes you create and serve to your customers. The customers in turn will inhale their food; I swear, I've never seen such bad manners in a game. They just use both hands and stuff whatever food's on their plate into their mouths. This game doesn't have the Miss Manners seal of approval.
With money you make from serving your dishes, players can opt to buy more dishes, spices, and better equipment. You can also hire AI cooks to help make the work load. This puts a good strategic spin on the serving games.
The game play is almost solid all around, and it's easy to pick up and play. Cooking Mama fans will eat this game up (figure of speech).
But Order Up doesn't add much spice to the game play; once you've played an hour of the game, you've basically seen everything you need to see. And to get to the later parts of the game, you'll have to play it for quite some time. People who hate Cooking Mama will find nothing to like on this menu.
Another problem is the comment cards the customers leave behind. They consistently whine about the lack of spices in their dishes, even when they don't ask for said spices in the first place.
And the last big problem is the graphics; I like the art style of the game, but the food doesn't look at all appetizing. Some dishes look like a blurred mess of colors.
Despite that, Order Up is a simple, fun game. So rent it first and see if cooking's in your blood.

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