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Very Good


posted by Darkanine (ARCHDALE, NC) Jun 20, 2011

Member since Sep 2010

This game is just amazing simply amazing You play the role of the 3 siblings opoona copoona and poleena and on their quest to save the parents and the dieing earth(i think its earth) The battle system is like Final fantasy 4,5,6 in the since that its real-time yet turn based except you need more timing since enemy's will move some times.However their is cons example the stats what i mean is their's somewhat pointless stats or its not clear what they do example the health stat i dont know what it does maybe it affect HP is some way and the strength stat doesnt seem to boost your attack power only impact seems to affect power and then art and fame these don't do much except they unlock a few side quest(around 3)and then smarts i thought smarts affected FP(Force points aka mp)but i think they have set damage.One of the coolest things is the art style its cell shaded and has a weird what the heck i mean the NPC's can look really weird in a cool way and the main characters are shape based...opoona the circle copoona the triangle and poleena the oval? i never really found what she's based off of.The music is quite good and relaxing the difficulty is so-so The story is good SPOILER ALERT! Its about opoona and his siblings at first to save their parents dadeena and momeena...yeah i hate the puns to nut anyway but eventually its about saving the world ran by religion and from the dark bon bons. some cons are the fact that opoona is a silent character which i hate so for the first 3 hours all the dialog is bye NPC's also poleena is not very good i mean she's a decent sage but copoona is much better and she's weaker than him she's mainly "support based"but the thing is copoona and opoona are both decent support sine they can heal a decent amount also there's no real exploration and the first dome(aka towns) is a pain to navigate and the map is useless also theres a fairly long selection where you have to play as poleena alone(well kinda) and like i said before shes useless....

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GF Rating


almost judged by the cover

posted by mostlyharmless (ROUND ROCK, TX) Jun 5, 2011

Member since May 2011

I rented this game because I never heard of it and it was an RPG. I had watched videos and it looked kinda stupid, but fun at the same time. It is a very basic game, you only need the nunchuck to play it, if you didn't have to hook it up to the wii remote atleast. It you like rpgs, you should give it a try, it may look like a game for 2yr olds, but it is fun to play

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Above Average

Yay, Another FAILURE of a game on a good system.

posted by BULLY123 (PRATTVILLE, AL) Jun 4, 2010

Member since Jul 2008

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OMG, this game was horrible! It's so hideous to look at!
Look, I personally hated the wacky graphics and the annoying music.
The controls were horrible and so were the hideous camera angles.
DON'T get me started on the game's story! It's horrible and very un-thought out. It's like it was thrown together in pssh...three minutes.
This game is just icky and hideous. It's a failure on the Wii! And that's a shame, because the Wii is a good system!
These are some things I'd rather do then play this game:
Listen to that AWFUL music by Miley Cyrus.
Eat old liver.
Sell my favorite games on Ebay.
Get kidnapped by thieves.
Spill hot ramen on my head.
Get sued. (Which is very unlikely to happen since I'm too young to be sued. You can't sue a 12/half year old!)
Watch Itachi Uchiha from 'Naruto' kill my family.
And get run over by a train!
Ugh...let's hope Koei comes up with better games in the future! ;(

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