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Not terrible.. but not great, either.

posted by Celor997 (FREDERICK, MD) Feb 5, 2010

Member since Jan 2009

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Opoona. How many of you read this game's title, and went: "Wow.. that sounds really [insert random derogatory word here]. I'll go rent something else."

I ALMOST did just that. Right now, I wish I had.

Opoona is what you'd expect--a cheaply made Japanese RPG, and not a very good one at that. The controls aren't incredibly responsive, the story is boring, the character models.. don't even get me started.

I won't outright bash this game, as I've played FAR worse games--some on the Wii, as well--and, while this one is quite bland, it's not the worst RPG ever made.

Opoona has you starting off, controlling a strange alien child called--you guessed it--Opoona. What you see on the box art is more or less what you'll get.

Allow me to describe the story: bad guys attack ship. Ship crash. Opoona on alien world. People help Opoona. Opoona repay people. Opoona find parents.

..Just so you know, I'm not sure if that constitutes as a spoiler or not, as I haven't the patience to complete the game. I will say that after the several hours of playing I managed to wade through, I can safely say that the game does have a lot of depth to it--there's a lot to do, to see, and to talk to (no joke).

Despite the depth the game does have, you'll need far more patience than I to make it to that point.

I give Opoona an average 5/10, even if I do disagree with numerical scoring. Try it if you wish; I won't stop you--however, don't complain to me, if you do.

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posted by galdon (ORANGE, TX) Jul 14, 2008

Member since Mar 2007

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It seems like a cheerful rpg game on the surface, but there are some things about it that bug me..

Here you are, a kid who is going on vacation with his family, when you crash land on the planet you are vacationing to. You are told your parents are in comas and that you are not allowed to see your siblings until you've worked long enough to have citizenship of high enough rank.

Then you are told to stay there you have to work. Some vacation huh? Not only that but they send this kid out to fight monsters. Two things fundamentally wrong with that really, first in game, they state that Tizan are not allowed to fight til adulthood. so they are breaking your home planet's law to put you to work! Second, they are telling this kid to do it. Maybe I'm ignorant but thats the kind of thing you do to an established hero not some kid with talent.

The combat system is interesting, but overly simple. When they explained how you could use it to hit enemies from behind and stuff, i thought i could get some wacky tricks going, maybe ricochet off bad guys to do bonus damage... Not really.. You merely select the curve, if it curves enough it 'counts' as hitting them from behind, and if anything gets away before you get ahold of your power plus you lose your attack. Without an action meter its impossible to tell when your opponent will move and suddenly be out of the way by the time the ball gets there too. You also have exactly 2 minutes per battle. do not expect epic fights, you will only have rushed fights trying to stay alive and deal a lot of damage fast.

The map is this game's weak link. There is no on screen mini-map, the only one you have is a stationary unlabeled GPS in the pause menu. By the time I could figure out a way around the dome they would send me to a new one, was it a deliberate focus to make you perpetually confused? Maybe.

Overall, its an ok game, but a little more touching up and a couple more features would probably have gone well for making it a good game.

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Too cute for an RPG

posted by Panther82 (RALEIGH, NC) Jan 11, 2009

Member since Feb 2008

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Opoona is an a tempt to put a rpg on the wii, however Opoona is also on the ps2 so it really doesn't utilize the wii-mote for anything, now 1st off i am a rpg fan and I love the wii so i'll be honest. This is not a game, its ok if you want a rpg on the wii just to say you have one, it's ok if you don't ever play rpg' s and want to break in the genre, it's even ok if you have kids and you want something simple, bright, easy for them. But if like rpg' s don't get it. I gave it a try and was disappointed, the story is weak and they try to make you think there is something wrong going on but you spend more time cooking, cleaning, waiting on people, picking out clothes, telling fortunes, fishing, watching tv, and sleeping than you do playing fighting monsters. And most of the monsters are easy accept a few places where the monsters go from child's play "you will die" without any warning. but those areas a far and few between, in short it's a glorified actionesce version of the sims, enjoy

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