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GF Rating

Very Good

Interestingly Unique With Some Familiar Old Style

posted by Shazbot (BROOKLYN, NY) Apr 3, 2008

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Opoona is an interesting combination of old school RPG blended with a novel realtime combat system. Add in graphics that alternate between cheesy and wonderful, together with music that can be haunting, relaxing but occaisionally aggravating and you have a game that will polarize opinion.
You're either going to like it or hate it.

Start it up and look at the intro beginning and you will probably start feeling that you aren't going to like this too much. That's how I felt. Try hanging in there and playing - and play for a good while (1hr) so that you have got all the boring set up of collecting your basic items and orientation out of the way.

Guess what might happen? You may not notice the clock going by - four hours later without noticing the time it had been a nice experience. Up to one star level.

This is not an action game and it's not the peak of graphic perfection either (but the floor reflections are nice :-)) but it somehow can draw you in.

Despite the extremely simple control system realtime fights are not always trivial and I am only just getting into the early parts of the game. The story is not complex either (so far) but it does leave you not knowing enough to want to play on and find out.

If you are willing to give it a go I think this game could be a surprise hit with many folks - especially if you loved the old school Final Fantasy I and II. There are already hints about hidden things to look for in the game suggesting you can play this simply or look for the bonus items.

It is deinitely not going to be for everyone though so consider carefully whether you like discovering more of the story or prefer the glitz and action of other, more modern style, games.

Overall I would say give this one a chance and RENT IT. You may be pleasantly surprised. I WAS. I have no idea how many hours it will take to finish but I would think there is a good bit of gameplay in this if you were to buy it.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Refreshing, and a real RPG for the Wii (finally!)

posted by hexmedia (BELLINGHAM, WA) May 5, 2008

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I have been very disappointed by so-called "RPG's" for the Wii console. None of them are really RPG, with a separate battle screen. Opoona comes as close as you can get.

What to love:

-Absolutely charming graphics and music (definitely best with a surround sounds stereo)

-Fairly non-linear gameplay - you can wonder around earning your "job" licenses, which alone is a lot of fun and worth the game. There doesn't seem to be much of a plot at all.

-Fun dialouge and lots of secrets to uncover and collections to complete

What to hate:

-Scenes like traveling between domes and taking elevators are unnecessary and time-consuming.

-There are essentially no bosses, and battles are not very challenging except in a few optional areas.

-Upgrade items are scarce so it feels like enemies get stronger while your equipment becomes more irrelevant.

-Maps and camera angles are frustrating at time. It can take 10 minutes to get somewhere just to be told to go back to where you were to complete the task.

Overall: A good rental if you are willing to keep a game for a while, but I don't see much replay value. If you are put off by cute things or sci-fi, maybe not for you.

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GF Rating


Hit me with your best bonbon!

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Sep 28, 2009

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Opoona is the story of a rotund Tizian boy who helps the planet of Landroll with their never-ending problems. He eventually gets helps from his brother Copoona and sister Poleena... who named these guys?
For the first hour or so, you may find yourself falling asleep as Opoona takes awhile to hit it's stride. Dialogue is long and tedious with bad translations throughout. And the backstory is basically unnecessary for a game like this. It's also unfortunate that locating anything is so frustratingly difficult. Cities appear to be laid out by M.C. Escher.
Once you get to the gameplay, you'll be somewhat confused by combat, which is all done in real-time, even though you have lists to navigate for abilities and spells. The basic attacks are much quicker, where you hit enemies with your bonbon, a ball on your head. Simply flicking the analog stick in any direction determines your bonbon's trajectory and the longer you hold it the faster it goes.
Unfortunately, Opoona is a game that gets in it's own way too often. Just as soon as you get into the combat, it forces you to play a painfully long fetch quest. Right when you get comfortable with Opoona and Copoona, they get blasted and you have to use Poleena for the first time, all by herself.
The rough production value and keyboard soundtrack make it feel like a lightweight. When it gets going it's pretty fun, but it doesn't get going fast or often enough. And although it's geared toward kids, it can be way too difficult in the second half.
It's a nice game, a long game and has plenty to do. It's just not exciting or dynamic or charismatic the way you want an RPG to be.

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