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Operation Flashpoint: Red River


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Also on:Xbox 360
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Hard, yet rewarding

posted by Aragorn225 (FREDERICK, MD) Jul 5, 2011

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When it comes to any Shooting game, ANY shooting game, the Sniper Rifle is my best friend, my man. It stays by me the whole time. So when i played CoD: Black Ops, i was bit annoyed that it was nothing but "Run forward, plant some Demo charges, get back to cover, kill some guys, watch explosion and then advance to next objective" over and over again. But then i got this, OF:RR, which was complete "Long-Range Paradise". I'll break it down.

Visuals and Audio (Graphics and Overall Sound): You can definitly say the Developers took their time with the game, no doubt. It wasn't like some other games i've played where they just throw together a few Voice Actors and patch a few Textures and Enviroments to make a level. They took their time to make the Enviroment a strategic oppurtunity at every turn.

Overall Gameplay: Let me just get this out here before i start; THIS GAME IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. Like i mentioned before, this is a Long-Range Paradise, meaning, if you like Sniping, etc. you will really like this game. Yes, there are a FEW Close-Quarters sequences, but for the most part its Assault Rifle-on-Assault Rifle or Sniper Rifle-on-Sniper Rifle.

Is it worth a buy? I don't think so, but that's because im a very decisive gamer. Meaning i don't buy a game unless i can play it over and over again, which i couldn't find in OF:RR. You might, and i think thats cool because this is a very awesome game in my opinion. Definitly worth your time.


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Very Cool

posted by Gamefr3k15 (RONKONKOMA, NY) Sep 23, 2011

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Most definetly enjoyed playing the game. as real as a game can get as far as military terms, vehicles, actions. seams almost like a simulator the marine's would use in training. plenty of unneeded cursing so watch the little one's around this game, earmuff's all day.
graphics were ok, but the constant onslaught of enemies keeps you glued.
very realistic kill shots, and very realistic story line. this could actually happen very soon. overall i give the game a 7, better graphics would have given it a 9.
i am still waiting for someone to create the best destruction of buildings and tanks etc.... to look more realistic. once someone gets this down these war games will be even more fun.


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GF Rating


Great Game!

posted by metalplayer07 (SALISBURY, MD) Apr 28, 2012

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I bet a lot of the people who gave this game a bad rating are COD addicts. This game is not nearly as fast paced as COD, but, in my honest opinion, is MUCH more realistic to actual military operations. You must act as a team, damage does not regenerate automatically, damage is more realistic, and the banter reminds me a lot more of my days in ROTC than COD does. I really enjoyed this game and recommend it to anyone wanting a realistic military game.

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