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posted by SCREAMnZACHs (APOLLO, PA) Feb 27, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

I thought the game was great the graphics are a little wierd but that is cancelled out by everything else i dont like the close quarter fast paced arcade style of call of duty but i still play it but this game is so much better with how you have to lay down cover fire and the bullets are affected by gravity and how you have to bandage to heal just made this game great.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Good not great, but still good.

posted by DmeshOnPS3 (GARDINER, NY) Aug 30, 2011

Member since Sep 2010

I liked this game. I tried to just run into combat at first, but died a few times. Then i was more careful, using my binoculars more. I got a few kills then died. Eventually i could hold my own against enemy teams. I got the platinum trophy for this game eventually, though it took a LONG time. The AI could use some improvements, both friendly and enemy. The sniping is excellent, but only has a small part in the game. It is much more realistic than CoD or Battlefield, but i can understand some people wont agree. This is a game that you have to think to play, its not all reflexes and reaction time. There are airstrikes, tanks, helicopters, and humvees. All the vehicles and controls take time to get used to, but you have a lot of options to choose from, especially with your squad orders. Each mission must be carefully analyzed, landscape surveyed, plans made, and orders executed. The graphics are not as smooth as many games, but it is open world to a degree. You can flank the enemy with a silenced rifle, or use a few missiles to destroy buildings, then attack head on. This is the type of game that you would invest a few hours into each level. CoD and BFBC2 are more walk in a straight line and complete the story kind of games, with only a couple difficult sections that you might get stuck on.

The multiplayer leaves a lot to be desired. You do get two AI team mates that you can order around, but they aren't always the smartest soldiers. There arent enough levels to really have a variety. no building to building combat, no town or city levels. no airstrikes, no objectives. They could have had many new game types but instead opted for only two or three different levels and gametypes.

Co-op is awesome. it's what this game was made for.

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GF Rating

Very Good

The average rating doesn't do it justice.

posted by thefred33 (GRANITE BAY, CA) Jun 9, 2011

Member since Apr 2006

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While I can understand people's frustration with the game (4.7 average rating playing witness), the average rating doesn't do the game justice. This is a niche title, the game was never meant to appeal to everyone, only a subset of gamers who actually enjoy engaging simulator-like gameplay will ever be able to enjoy this game.

The game features physics more realistic than what is commonly available on console shooters, with bullets that drop and rockets that actually fly faster than a softball pitch. The A.I. is very responsive, flanking, taking cover, and changing their own fire patterns and R.O.E.

Unintuitive command interface is certainly an issue, as is the fact that the bleeding effect and the ability to heal is stuck in an odd twilight zone between a true simulator and something more along the lines of Ghost Recon.

All in all, worth a try if you enjoy nearly-realistic tactical gunplay dissimilar to Call of Duty and other big name franchises, but be prepared to get stuck or even frustrated once in a while.

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