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A Unique Title With Some Glaring Faults

posted by Alymon (Mount Laurel, NJ) Jul 3, 2008

Member since May 2008

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Operation Darkness got me excited. There are very few Turn Based Strategy games for the Xbox 360 and what's not to love about Zombies, Vampires and Skeletons in a WWII environment? Unfortunately, while the core gameplay is fun, there are many glaring faults and poor design decisions that make this title very frustrating and not for the feint of heart.

There is nothing impressive graphically about this title. It's not up to snuff with the current range of releases. The graphics look like they were ported from last generation or very early this generation and there is some minor slow-down at times (typically during the load into the battlefield). If graphics are your thing, you'll want to avoid this title.

The camera and controls are awkward. You will often select to attack and find yourself facing the wrong direction when you go to move across the field to select your target. The camera doesn't stay put and often buildings and other objects will obscure your view. It's not unbearable, but it certainly makes getting into the game harder. Actions and menus in the game require too many button presses to get anything done. Everytime you go to loot a corpse, you are prompted with a message reminding you that you can loot corpses for weapons and items. It's almost like they forgot to tell it to stop displaying the tutorial message after the first time. There's no ability to bulk sell/buy items which can be rough if you need to restock your supply of medkits or ditch all the spare ammunition you don't need.

However, even with these shortcomings, the battles are intense and very fun. There's a large variety of weapons and special attacks and it very rewarding watching that last tank explode after you hit it with a fireball or shot a bazooka at it. And there's nothing better than watching Jack the Ripper lay into a German Vampire with a broad sword.

Bottom Line:

If you love Turn-Based Strategy and are willing to put in the time, it's a good game.

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Above Average

Flawed titled that has great gameplay and plot.

posted by CyanideRus (ROYERSFORD, PA) Jun 27, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

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Please let me start by stating that I personally enjoy this genre of games, turn based tactical.
I also love Zombies and Vampires.

Operation Darkness is part of a very limited selection of turn based games available for the 360.

The game itself sees you equipping skills, weapons and items to your pool of characters, both plot important characters and random recruits. You'll have access to a wide variety of authentic WWII weapons, as well as items such as medkits. The equip screen is efficient and functional, though I would have liked to be able to bulk purchase items.

After this, you can select mission from the map, choosing between plot missions, which you can only play once, and AR missions, which can be played as many times as you like and serve the purpose of helping to level up.

The missions play out in turns. You can choose to move before or after you attack or use an item. You can also use 3 different cover modes, which allow you to fire automatically when certain conditions are met(ie: enemy moves).

It's important to know of some of the downfalls of this game going in.
Firstly, the camera is very hard to control/use. It will take a combat or two for you to fully grow accustomed to it. Thankfully there is a minimap which you can use to help offset the bad camera angles(press 'y' to switch to it).

Secondly, the graphics are not "top notch". Do not believe the slew of reviews out there that say they are "PS1 graphics", that's absurd, they aren't. They're 360 Launch title quality and they serve their purpose.

While not necessarily bad, the game doesn't allow you to save mid-mission and yet you must keep most of your party alive to win. You do have a doctor, who can revive fallen party members AND an auto heal skill, but this does up the difficulty.

Despite all of this, the game has lots of fun. The V/Os and plot are awesome and the game play is unexpectedly fun, which is really the most important part of any game.

Definitely a pickup for genre fans.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Not as bad as people think

posted by Sundowner (SAN RAMON, CA) Feb 23, 2009

Member since Aug 2007

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I usually don't write reviews but this game got alot of bad press at launch and after just having finished it I thought it was decent. Nothing outstanding but if you like the SRPG genre then you will find something here. The 2 big issues with this game are:

1) The camera. It takes some getting used to. After a few levels you'll have the hang of it though and it won't be as much of a problem. However, You MUST use the "Y" button to switch the minimap between character turns and enemy positions. Some people don't know this. If you don't do it you will have a miserable time navigating.

2) The steep learning curve. Most characters will die with only a few hits, even at max levels. The enemy will have 2-3 reinforcement groups at the worst times and you only get 1 real healer. Plus if a character dies at level end they are gone forever. Use the auto-restore skill given at lvl 2 on all characters which will help. You will get the hang of it and though you might repeat some levels, once you get used to the fact that you can't just rush the enemy each time it becomes easier.

If your looking to play an SRPG the choices are limited and while this game isn't a blockbuster its a decent game. Definately a rental though.

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