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Onimusha Warlords

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Bishamon O Flute

You can find the Bishamon Flute in two places while playing the game. The first one is where a very strange man hanging from the ceiling by his feet stares at you and ignores you. The second one is after you use the Evil Plate and open the door, he will talk to you. The man will now take you (whenever desired), to the Dark Realm. In the Dark Realm, kill monsters until two portals open; one to go up and one to go down. Keep going down to the last level (9th or 10th) while collecting all the items en route. Open the box on the deepest level to get the Bishamon O flute. Keep the flute just before the last fight with the Demon King. Remember you will need th Bishamon O Flute to receive the Bishamon Sword later in the game. (below)

Great armor

There is a chest behind the waterfall containing the great armor.

Kill easily with Kaede

While attacking any enemy, hold R1 and press Up. You will then jump behind them. Keep pressing Up and attack while holding R1 and Kaede will automatically kill the enemy (slits the throat, etc.).

How to beat Marcellus

At the end of the game you should have all weapons and orbs at the maximum. When fighting Marcellus again, kick him and use the Thunder Orb's magic. For some reason, this is stronger than his other attacks.

See the blinking eye

When you have an Orb in your gauntlet, stand still for a few seconds and the eye will blink.