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This game was overlooked in my opinion

posted by Lazlow (ELLISVILLE, MS) Jan 6, 2007

Member since Aug 2006

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Game Overview/Story
Oni (that's Japanese for "Demon")is a third person action game from Bungie and other developers. It's inspired from Japanese anime for alot of the artistic design and story. You play the roll of Konoko an elite police force in the year 2032. The world is under control by the World Coalition Government and the landscape outside of the megacities is an obliterated wasteland.

Konoko can do all kinds of moves like ''leg sweep'' escape moves ''spinning back hand'' throws you name it the down side here is the controls are a little slow it takes some time getting used to that but once you are over that small speed bump your never going to look back

konoko is the main character

is an android equipped with a direct neural link to Konoko

Griffin is the Chief of Police for the TCTF, and Konoko's boss.)

Kerr is a scientist working for the TCTF)

The mysterious Muro is the head of the Syndicate.

This brute seems to be an amalgamation of man and machine

Mukade is Muro's most talented ninja, specializing in intelligence, subterfuge, and assassinations.

This classic game isn't showing it's age (outside of the graphics) story is top notch the game play and the fire fights are fun the only downsides is the lack of information on where you should be the level design could have been better and the controls are kinda slow but outside of these small problems this game really shines give it a rent and if you like it thin go ahead and buy this wonderful game thinks for reading

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Wow a rockstar Game??? I hope that tag was lying..

posted by Mitch92528 (KLAMATH FALLS, OR) Jun 30, 2009

Member since Apr 2009

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well, like 4-5 years ago i bought this game and i let my cousin play it once and i watched him and then i just saw from him using the controls/the game play it was so horrible. soo i told him "This GAME looks like rockstar did a really bad job on this.". He looked and laughed and said you think?......Rockstar is one of my favorite company's but a very terrible, terrible game.. Sooooo later on i played it some and not even throught the training i took it out and threw it away xD....DO NOT ATTEMPT TOO EVEN PUT IT IN OR EVER SEE IT ON YOUR GameFly Q..........ITS TERRIBLE. I Really Wished Rockstar wasn't any part of this and it well too this day i regret WASTING my 5 dollars, on it..........Soooo Plz To gamefly and renters out there Don't waste your time for it and take it off your gamefly list even off the Ps2 list Please for all man/women sake...
Thank you for reading and please put this passage into consideration...

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Click back now!

posted by dominoscr (ORLANDO, FL) Mar 11, 2008

Member since Oct 2005

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Save yourself the hassle of putting the disk in your system. This game is horrible! I won't even waste time writing all the things that this broken piece of garbage does wrong. Trust me do not attempt to play this.

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