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Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers

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Can I Please Have My Sword Back?

posted by laosword (SANTA CRUZ, CA) Feb 10, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

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I really wanted to like this game. I loved the idea of my character running around in a bikini and a cowboy hat - and it was fun for the first five minutes.

The controls are tough to get used to, you can slash your sword around freely if you get a hang of it, but you'll use the targeting button a lot.

Once I started getting my sword stuck in the zombies, the game started going downhill fast. I would get stuck in one area, throwing projectile after projectile, scared to slash because every other slash would get stuck in the zombie, and I'd have to yank it out while the zombies patiently waited around to kill me (I was playing on easy mode).

Then the nunchuck freaked out, and my character got stuck running backward constantly. I thought my character had gone in to some kind of freak out mode and couldn't find until she recharged her courage.

Maybe if I was better at this genre of games, I'd have enjoyed, but the learning curve of this game was way too horrific and it was one of the least fun experiences I've had on the Wii.

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Don't let others deceive you

posted by rpger19 (ARLINGTON, WA) Feb 13, 2009

Member since Aug 2006

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This game is actually really fun! And, it doesn't rely nearly as much on the fan-service as the 360 version. The combat never gets old, and you can get a serious workout from this game. It's also a plus that we're not really getting a 'localization' so to speak, but a 'translation'. Just to explain, if you don't like Japanese Voice acting, stay away from this game. It has, I repeat, has ZERO English dubbing. Instead of dubbing the game, they just retained the original VA's, and made official subtitles. Why more games won't do this is beyond me. If it both had English dub, and Japanese VA options, then I wouldn't care either, as long as I got translated subtitles rather than localized ones. Anyways, back to the game. On top of the combat which is actually integrated quite well with the Wiimote and nunchuck, you have a level up system, where your currently played character gets 3 skill points to put towards four different attributes. I have not played it far enough to know exactly how these work.
All in all, this is a game that will probably get underrated because the 360 version gives it a bad name. It's no longer a 'button masher', because you use the wiimote and chuck to do battle. The buttons are used, but the majority of them are not for actual fighting moves. This game is what convinced me finally that the Wii had hope, and I didn't waste 250+ dollars on it for the third time! Also, it convinced me that I seriously need to get a component cable. Composite cables just don't do games justice.

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posted by DJTomEGun (CASTLE ROCK, CO) Jul 13, 2009

Member since Aug 2008

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This game is great.

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