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Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad

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Very Good

If DOA & House of Dead had a Kid,This Might be it!

posted by marshall84 (ASHEVILLE, NC) Feb 23, 2009

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I picked this up today, I thought it was going to be a lame game, I must say it is a very addicting hack & slash hottie bikini chick battling hundreds upon hundreds of undead zombies! The controls first off, are relatively easy to grasp. Graphics are pretty good, I wouldn’t bash them. The amount of gore you can set in the Settings is a must! Brilliant amount of blood & gore, looks very realistic & makes the gamer want more to cut up!

The story is in ALL English subtitles. None of the game, I stress NONE of the game is in English language. I believe it’s in Japanese or similar dialect. The story takes some time to read, being in subtitles, give it some time, be patient, and it’s a good payoff following along the story’s dialog. Overall, I’d give it a rent, and for hack & slash die-hard fans, I would recommend picking up this game! Overall I’ll give it an 8 out of 10. Frame rate issues with loading times pop in & off the screen and the slight camera angles can be a tad bit frustrating, but nothing overly annoying to where you want to turn the game off. It’s a very good game with some flaws to be recognized. I hope you found it helpful. Thank you for reading my review. Happy Gaming!

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Above Average

Strangely Addictive

posted by ColonBrown (LUBBOCK, TX) Feb 12, 2009

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Ok, obviously nerds love to kill zombies and control scantily clad armed and jiggly hotties. Combine the 2 and you have Onechanbara. If you want a light game that doesn't require much problem solving or strategy then rent this one, don't buy it though. High hit combos, keeping the blood off your sword and on yourself, and fighting in underwear are the main objectives of this game. Controls are easy enough to grasp but have the somewhat annoying camera issues you might expect. No the graphics aren't the best but the jiggle factor seems to make them work just fine. I have played through 5 chapters so far and will probably continue to play as it is strangely addictive like I said. So far I have 3 characters to choose from: one wields a single katana, one is a dual wielder and the other has a shotgun, sub mach and a pair of pistols.
Overall, nothing stunning but not a total bust. Rent if you need a break from challenging games that just aren't sexy enough.

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Above Average

A gem, but rent before you buy!

posted by PandaSlayr (APPLE VALLEY, CA) Feb 13, 2009

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Onechanbara was a game I quite honestly didn't believe would make it to these shores. Make no mistake, the game is about as shallow as the cover makes it out to be, but that's what makes it fun. This is the kind of game you play to release some tension, or when you only have a bit of time to game.

+On-the-fly character swapping lets you use each character's unique skills wherever and whenever.
+Fun loading mini-game lets you rack up coins.
+Dress-up option is addicting.

-The plot is worthless, but zombies are always a plus.
-Level maps could have used a little more variety.
-Some nice blood effects, but overall the graphics are just passable.

Definitely a rental at first, but you might find yourself addicted to the zombie-slaying-action sooner than you'd think.

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