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One Piece Meets 3-D Acceptably

posted by Lordjon (FORT WORTH, TX) Jan 20, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

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This game wasn't quite as good as I expected to be but it wasn't half bad either. I actually hate to say it but I enjoyed story mode more then versus mode, it's confusing at first to find the various Orb Spots in the game. Versus mode lacked in the sense that it forces you to use "teams" and you always have to have at least 2 characters in a team since the only two options are 8 and 15 points. Each character has a specific value assigned to them. Examples? Luffy 5 Nami 3 Chopper 3 Sanji 4 Zoro 4 Smoker 4(You have to beat him in story mode to unlock him, the same applies for all REAL characters from One Piece.) You get alot of lame characters like the ones you face at the beginning of the game(Level 1 scrubnubs)aka lv 1 Navy men who take about 2 to 3 hits to kill. Your first three unlocks will probably be Navy Man 1 Navy Man 2 and Navy Bazooka Man(Bazooka man being the most worthless since he fires so slowly that he can't hit anything.) Sanji is the fastest and has speed "hax" so to speak, Zoro has very long range while Luff is Medium Ranged and Nami is an Aerial player with mostly Cloud/Lightning attacks. The Cut scenes are very nice and the story is actually kinda good, it kept me interested despite the long times it took finding the right items to mix together at base camp.(Which you will do during every level to unlock the next.)I got stuck on the 3rd or 4th stage and felt like renting something else but this game in my opinion is really worth the buy not just the rental.(That is of course if you can spend a few days on Story Mode before inviting your friends over for some One Piece vs...or if you don't already have One Piece Grand Battle for the Ps2/GC) Grand Battle is more fun because it doesn't focus on just mashing the A button and waving the Wiimote frantically. This game really should've just used the gamecube controller or at least added support for it. I don't have any major gripes other then the misleading fact of "Over 40 characters". mostly sucky 1s

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Almost Perfect

posted by Rico70 (GRAPELAND, TX) Jun 7, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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I'm a huge fan of One Piece. I personally think it's the greatest anime of all time. I've also played every (American) One Piece game. And out of all the One Piece games I've played, I say One Piece: Unlimited Adventure is the best one yet.

First of all it's dubbed by Funimation (which is WAY better than 4kids). It has a lot a different playable characters like Franky, Lucci, Kaku, Aokiji, Shanks, and Whitebeard. The graphics are decent and the game play is pretty good.

Although I wish the story line was about the normal series story line and not just a made up one. The game would've been better if it could play wi-fi.

Other than that this an awesome game. It's definitely a game worth buying.

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Very Good

Not Unlimited, But Definitely An Adventure

posted by lemonball (CHARLESTON, SC) Dec 29, 2008

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Okay, I totally love this game. Costumes are great, landscapes are great, characters are great, humor is great. There is only one problem: the length. It normally wouldn't be too long, except for the fact that if you die, you have to start whatever you were doing all over. Other than that, it's an amazing game. By the way, if you've read my Super Mario Galaxy review, add another game to that list. Super Smash Bros. Brawl is another of my all time favorite games.

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