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One Piece: Grand Battle


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Also on:PS2
GF Rating

338 ratings

Gameplay Controls

One Piece: Grand Battle
GamePlay: For a complete list of attacks for your fighter, press the Start Button during a battle and check the Command Chart.

Control Stick Movement
A Button Attack Forward. Throw Item Forward.
B Button Throw Attack. Pick Up Item.
X Button Attack Up. Throw Item Upwards.
Y Button Jump. Double-Jump (Double-Tap).
L Button Trigger Super Attacks and Secret Attacks
R Button Guard
Start/Pause Pause Menu
Combo #1 Press A, B, X, Y, or R Before Hitting the Ground = Recover Quickly From Attack
Combo #2 A + X While Opponent Guarding = Guard Crash (Breaks Through to Do Damage)
Combo #3 R Button at Same Time as Opponents Attack = Bingo Guard (Fills Food Charge Bar Slightly)