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One Piece: Grand Adventure

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Gameplay Controls

One Piece: Grand Adventure

GamePlay: For Secret Attack: Wisdom Defeats Technique but Loses to Strength. Strength Defeats Wisdom but Loses to Technique. Technique Defeats Strength but Loses to Wisdom.

Directional Buttons Movement
X Button Attack Forward. Throw Held Item.
Triangle Button Jump
Square Button Throw Attack. Grab or Drop Item.
Circle Button Attack Up. Swing Held Item.
L2 Button Trigger Skill Guage Attacks
L1 Button Trigger Skill Guage Attacks
R2 Button Guard
R1 Button Guard
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Movement
Combo #1 Guard (R1 or R2) in Time to Attack = Bingo Guard
Combo #2 R1 or R2 + Left Analog Stick = Dash Toward Enemy Player
Combo #3 R1 or R2 + X or Circle = Ranged Attack
Combo #4 R1 or R2 + Square = Specialty Attack
Combo #5 X + Circle = Strong Attack
Combo #6 Triangle, X + Circle = Air Ranged Attack
Combo #7 Triangle, R1 = Quick Drop
Combo #8 X or Circle or Triangle or Square or R1 or R2 = Quick Stand (Recover From Knock-Down)

Combo #1 L1 or L2 + Triangle = Accel-Heat
Combo #2 L1 or L2 + Triangle, Triangle = Accel-Heat LV.2
Combo #3 L1 or L2 + Triangle, Triangle, Triangle = Accel-Heat LV.3
Combo #4 L1 or L2 + Square, Square = Call in Selected Support Character
Combo #5 L1 or L2 + X, Character Specific Buttons = Super Attack
Combo #6 L1 or L2 + Circle, Circle, Character Specific Buttons = Secret Attack (Finish Move by Pressing Triangle for Wisdom, Square for Strength, or Circle for Technique)