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One Piece: Grand Adventure


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Also on:PS2
GF Rating

208 ratings

Gameplay Controls

GamePlay: For Secret Attack: Wisdom Defeats Technique but Loses to Strength. Strength Defeats Wisdom but Loses to Technique. Technique Defeats Strength but Loses to Wisdom.

Control Stick Movement
Control Pad Taunt
A Button Attack Toward. Throw Item.
B Button Throw Attack. Grab or Drop Item.
X Button Attack Up. Swing Item.
Y Button Jump
Z Button Guard. In Time to Attack = Bingo Guard.
L Button Trigger Skill Guage Attacks
Combo #1 Y, Y = Double Jump
Combo #2 Y, A or X = Air Attack
Combo #3 R + Control Stick = Dash Toward Enemy
Combo #4 R + A or X = Ranged Attack
Combo #5 R + B = Specialty Attack
Combo #6 A + X = Strong Attack
Combo #7 Y, A + X = Air Ranged Attack
Combo #8 Y, R = Quick Drop
Combo #9 A or B or X or Y or R = Quick-Stand (Recover From Knock-Down)

Combo #1 L + Y = Accel-Heat
Combo #2 L + Y, Y = Accel-Heat LV.2
Combo #3 L + Y, Y, Y = Accel-Heat LV.3
Combo #4 L + B, B = Call in Selected Support Character
Combo #5 L + A, Character Specific Button = Super Attack
Combo #6 L + X, X, Character Specific Button = Secret Attack (Finish Move by Pressing Y for Wisdom, B for Strength, or X for Technique)