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Very Good

Niche title - not for shooter heads

posted by TISHIE (PHOENIX, AZ) Feb 16, 2013

Member since Oct 2011

15 out of 19 gamers (79%) found this review helpful

If you are not a fan of haemimont games and think that the gaming world revolves around FPS then you will not enjoy this game. Omertà is about constant strategy not action. Haemimont hasn't changed the look of its games in years and this is refreshing. We see what happens to franchises when the developer tries to appease the masses (think: res evil 6). This game slows down some for me when I have the combat missions. But if you focus on the 80% that is simbuilding beauty, strategy, haemimont silliness, then you have a quality game

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Above Average

Actual strategy game

posted by mattr25 (PHOENIX, AZ) Feb 17, 2013

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This is an actual strategy game, this isn't the nonsense EA has been pawning off. There is no build a defense mine something for ten minutes then send a swarm of whatever to the enemy base.

This game is set in prohibition Atlanta, where you are a recent immigrant from Sicily. Yes the place where mafia was born, while you don't seem to be mafia you sure do act like it. So let's move on to the actual game.

As I said above this isn't action, this is plod your way along with plenty of what do you want to do to do this options. Graphically speaking, this isn't that good, the different characters in the game are a voice and a picture of people from then. Sets the scene well so I'm happy with it.

Combat is turn based, so if you want fast, don't go here. There is no cover action, you move to a spot you can take cover you do, however doing so may not help much. There are options to ignore cover when shooting, the bad guys will do it just as often as you will.

The control on the battle sections isn't the greatest, but it works. You pick a place to move and press the button twice to move. After moving if you have an attack you can attack. Overall a little simple but it works for what it's supposed to do.

Great game overall with a couple problems. Mostly on Xbox, if you do not have an HDTV don't get the game. It does not really adjust the screen for not having one so the text is very small. No option to adjust as well. Also, once you get a good way in to the game, this is on PC so may not apply but probably does, you run into a what the heck situation. On the PC you are to get documents out of a warehouse, so there are 3 guys to take out and then you can run up and get the document. On the way out 6 guys appear out of nowhere. A classic case of the designers cutting corners. They decide to make this harder but not in a way that is applicable to the era or common sense.

Good game, definite renter but not a buy game.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Fun conquering Atlantic City

posted by tripint (CARNATION, WA) Feb 22, 2013

Member since Nov 2011

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I'm currently a big fan of the Boardwalk Empire so I was looking forward to this gangster sim. Although, there is no affiliation with the series you're playing in actual landmarks in Atlanta City during the prohibition era. The controls have been simplified for the console, which I like. You can quickly set up jobs for your henchmen like extort, bribe, etc in real-time. The downside is that you have to wait for them to perform those duties, which seems like a drag when you're first starting out with only one henchman. I think a fast forward function would have been a nice addition early on, but if you're playing a sim game I think wait times are expected. The fun starts when you begin to build your empire and send in your goons to go in for kills. There's nothing like setting your guys around the perimeter with tommy guns while you walk in with a bat to beat faces in. :) I'm still building my empire so I'm not sure what it'll be like when I conquer the city, but I'm having fun doing it.

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