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Best Game Ever!

posted by red_dog1032 (DULUTH, MN) Apr 6, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

i got this game to slow down from my normal shooter games thinking this game may be a bit too slow due to being rated e10+ unlike okimi, but when it came and i played it, i got hocked on it! I LOVE IT!!!!! ever since i got the game ive been doing art on it.

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Best DS or DSi game ever

posted by TheGamer298 (AZUSA, CA) Apr 5, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

When Okami came on the scene, i had never seen anything like it. the amazing graphics, incredible music, and Awesome gameplay make the okami game too good to describe. And now its been redone for the ds to be the succesor son to the okami game. question: does this game deliever? Answer: yes, it exceeds expectations dont rent this game, buy it

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GF Rating

Very Good

Good, But Doesn't Quite Stand Up to the Original

posted by niccea (NORTHLAKE, TX) Mar 27, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

The game was overall, oddly familiar. It has most of the same characters and places just with different enemies. The northern country, Taka Pass, and most of the S. Ryoshima coast have been removed from the game, however the run time doesn't seem to suffer since there is still plenty to do in the locations that are still there. (And they added a couple more to make up from it)
Since this is the DS, the stylus serves as the paint brush. I played the original on the PS2, so I noticed some pros and cons to the stylus. The stylus is a little more accurate to draw with, but the accuracy is needed because the game is more reactive to it. Before you could get away with a lopsided or imperfect circle with extra lines poking out. In this game, if your circle doesn't close correctly, you might not get the power you want end end up using Galestorm rather than Sunrise. I had more trouble then I remembered from the original in using certain spells.
The game itself has been cleaned up a lot (as you can see from the E 10+ rating instead of a T). Though I don't know what exactly has changed other than a little less innuendo from the original. The graphics really didn't change between the two which is what I was impressed by. They didn't quite have the same painted look, but it was very close for a hand held.
The plot is pretty similar in elements to the original and rather straight forward. There are even some flashbacks from the original game. I feel that there were some cheesy/over done elements of the plot, but not enough to make me stop playing the game. I also feel that the ending drew out a little too long.
All and all, not a bad game to play and it makes me miss playing the original. (And since some things are the same, there was a sense of deja vu throughout the game) It also leaves plenty of room open for another installation to the series.

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