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Worser Then Gitaroo Man

posted by FarFarAway (MELBOURNE BEACH, FL) Jun 11, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

this game stinks its the worst thing possible ever and its dumb you have to attack using some ink or something it is really a bad game and i cant believe it got a 8.0 rating from people because i seriosuly do not like it so anybody who is a fan of grand theft or those fighting games you would not like this at all

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One of the best for the Wii

posted by TehGar (AKRON, OH) Jun 11, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

Okami is basically a Zelda game with some major differences. It is more or less a dungeon adventure game with a top world. All creatures have a few strategies that work, and they mix & match the creatures to add toughness to the game. The game length is also comparable to a Zelda game, and Im nearing the end at around 32 hours of gameplay, including some running around and looking for goodies. This game is very unique and the story is fun and interesting.

Now no game is perfect, and every game has some low points, so I'll point those out.

First, this game tends to tell you EXACTLY what to do. I sort of wish there was an option for this. You walk into a room with a puzzle, a generic example would be if theres 4 platforms you have to jump up to get a key, and then a lock, it will pan the camera up each platform to the key, and then zoom down to the lock showing you EXACTLY what to do. After that, your companion will spell it out for you in case you didnt get the first hint. I Sort of like solving my own puzzles, but every now and then they actually let you.

Second. Like many games for the Wii this one takes a lot of precision with the Wii-mote. One tip for games like this is that you have to find a very sweet spot for your sensor bar. Drawing shapes in Okami can seem very difficult, especially the slash power you start off with. But with a little practice it isn't that difficult.

Overall I don't see these two minuses as any hindrance to the game itself which is very fun to play, I believe this game should earn a 10 as if I am willing to say its as fun as any Zelda game, then I better back it up with a 10.

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Don't believe the hype

posted by Yoyosoul (MARIETTA, GA) May 13, 2008

Member since Nov 2005

This version of the game is awful. The game frequently had trouble registering controller movement, drawing with the wimote was difficult, and there isn't any new content. Overall this game isn't worth playing let alone renting. Either skip it or get the PS2 version.

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