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Interactive art at it's finest

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Jun 17, 2008

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Since it's humble origins, several titles have sought to elevate video games to a true art form. Okami is one of those games. It's a game that redefines how the mainstream sees the medium.
Just the visual appeal should prove that point. It's like a living Japanese calligraphy painting. All the flourishes and effects keep the spirit of this visual style. Similarly, sound design has a far eastern flare that sets an appropriate mood.
Gameplay might remind you of the Zelda series, which is a good thing. However, Okami has some surprises that keeps the gameplay fresh. Upgrading abilities and weapons and training in new abilities are noteworthy features that add some light role-playing elements to the game. But the big thing about this game is the brush. With a quick hit of the B button, your screen will freeze and reveal a calligraphy brush. Using the A button, you can use the Wiimote to draw symbols. Some of these reveal secrets, some helps you reach new areas, some solve puzzles and some help you fight off the nasty enemies you'll encounter. By the end of the game, you'll use your brush strokes to control wind, fire, water, lightning and all the power of plants. These techniques are surprisingly easy to pull off, although sometimes the game gets it wrong. This is usually when you're trying to draw a line from one point to another. Overall, it works quite well.
The journey of goddess wolf Amaterasu is quite long. Easily over 30 hours long, the game never feels boring or repetitive and gives you plenty to keep you coming back. One thing that will likely bother you is the amount of text you'll need to read and the frequency of cutscenes. It has a tendency to break up the streamlined gameplay.
Minor quibbles aside, the game is a wonderful piece of digital technology. You owe it to yourself to play Okami.

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If you like Zelda games you will like this.

posted by TeePea298 (HOBOKEN, NJ) Jun 14, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

There is not much to say for the graphics of this game. But this game plays like a Zelda game and I enjoying playing though this game. Using the Wiimote you need to draw specific brush techniques. Sometimes these techniques do not work do to the way you hold the Wiimote but whatever its still a good game.

Great battles, adventure, and puzzles.

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posted by Popofish (LAS VEGAS, NV) Jun 13, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

Alright Okami I get it you're a good game, in fact your hitting the ledge of greatness, the only problem is that you're unappreciated and seldom played by the masses. So what do you do, you re-release yourself with updated controls,
hi-gher resolution visuals, and wide screen support on the 2nd fastest selling gaming console of all time,Wii. Okami made this transition so well that it was like playing a completely different, and for the most part, better game.
Your combat takes a lot of getting used to, but used to it I got,juggling, parrying, and annhilating everything in the batlle zone, and your IR Celestial Brush can get a little aggravating sometimes, but I was able to pull off attacks so quickly that the I ran out of ink in seconds. But you are a must play kind of game your so unique and creative even though your structure is similar to that of a Zelda title, you make it your own. With 16 different weapons increasing in power at every step, and hudreds of different items, treasures, and things to do; you are without a doubt on of my favoriite games. An Absolutely Fantastic Game in the "censored word" Filled Sea of Games on Wii. I can't wait for the inevitable sequel.

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