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One of the best rpg adventure games out there

posted by steve432 (GLENDALE, AZ) Jul 28, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

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Now a lot of people really do not like the wii, I myself believe this is due to the fact the graphics are less then cutting edge unlike the xbox 360 and ps3 but that's just what I myself believe to be the cause of lesser ratings for the most part on the wii.
Now when I get a game I of course examine the graphics but not a great deal i don't really care how "cutting edge" they are or are not but when i saw okamis graphics it made me realize just how cool cell shading can actually look when presented the right way. So this game gets a 10/10 for graphics mainly because the game's selection of how the graphics were presented really matched one of the overall themes of this game which is the beauty of art.
At first when I started to fight using the reflector I was getting so aggravated because no mattter how rapidly I shook the wii remote amaterasu didn't attack constantly but then I realized you had to time the weapon swing right which made me realise how good this game actually was compared to all the other games I've played where you can just swing the remote constantly and basically be a god, not even having to use any skill to take down enemies, thats why this game made me love how you actually had to work at mastering the combination sets and the timed attacks.
One of the best features to this game was the vast character cast, true the characters are usually based off the same model but they also were given very different appearances and personalities which I loved. The quests were hard making this game a great challenge so i didn't spend only ten hours on it and beating it feeling so let down...the game took me 38 hours to beat even when i didn't do all the side quests so the whole adventure was just awesome.
Overall i loved okami it actually was a very good adventure game it was humorous in parts and very serious in others paired with the music it really made me feel heroic(lol ya i know nerdy). I'd have to say rent okami see if you like it. I sure did!:)

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A unique adventure

posted by mhendon (Missoula, MT) Jul 26, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

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Okami is truly a beautiful game with a unique art style, a fitting music score, an epic story and memorable (if sometimes annoying) characters. This is the only game I've played that is enhanced by the use of the wii remote. Okami is huge. It took me about 45 hours to explore every nook and cranny and that was with a guide. I enjoyed every minute, as well as the extra art work that came after beating the game.

The only things that detract from this game is that the exposition can sometimes be overly long or repetitious. Some of the battles have the same problem. Lastly, the game sometimes doesn't get what you're trying to draw, leading to some minor frustration. Other than that, gameplay is smooth and enjoyable. I strongly recommend this game.

P.S. The teen rating is no joke. Despite the whimsical art style, there is a smidge of blood, and a smidge of nudity (bare buttocks mostly.) The violence is less disturbing than your saturday morning cartoon however, and a true death is handled seriously with a gravitas that I think is missing from a lot of games. I'd have no qualms about letting a child of mine play this game.

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The Best

posted by loudinni (ORLANDO, FL) Mar 10, 2010

Member since Jul 2008

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This is, quite simply, the best video game I have ever played. The mix of puzzle and action is perfect.
I also appreciate that if you just want to step back from the narrative for a bit and kill monsters and rack up points, you can. The final boss fights are awesome and I feel that this game is the best use of the Wiimote that I've experienced.
The story is wacky and makes practically no sense, but the fundamental narrative is enough to drive you forward.
The graphics are sensational and imaginative. Using the paint brush as your weapon is a lot of fun.
This is the only game I have ever played three times all the way through.

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