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Okami, A must have for the wii

posted by Yousinea (ALBUQUERQUE, NM) Jul 17, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

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I was a big fan of Okami back when it came out on the ps2, although admittedly I never got to complete it back then, I had rented it, got halfway through, figured I would just buy it next time I had the money to burn and finish it.

HA, little did I know that Okami would quickly become one of the hardest to find ps2 titles I'd ever seen.
anyway I found it out was comeing to the Wii and was quite happy

First impresson: You start the game out with the Reflector (a disc weapon that functions more or less like your standard adventerur sword) The wii 'shake' fighting is flat out aweful for the reflector, the main problem is that while you 'shake' it counts as holding the button down meaning you more have to do 'timed flicks' there's a huge learning curve there but once you get it down it's not so bad.... although it IS abit hard to keep your timing when you're being attacked.
Once you get your first rosary bead weapon (think whips) you can shake-fight much easier, and set your reflector to the subweapon slot and do 1-hit kills on any enemy stupid enough to fall into the sheilds trap ;p

The brush: When I played this game on the ps2, I admittedly barely used the main feature.. the celestial brush... mostly because drawing with the analog stick is such a chore. The wii makes -most- of the brush techniques SO much quicker and easier that I found myself fighting more with the brush than ever before. Though as someone mentioned, for doing the slash definately use Z instead to make a straight line. (or start making your slash motion, press the A button halfway through and release it before you get to the end of your swing)
In the orignal making cherrybombs was a pain (circle with a line comeing out) but on the wii it's laughably easy. Same for making Wind, it's so fast and easy to do wind now.

Storywise Okami is just all around great, and the game takes atleast 60 hours to beat if you don't rush things and do most of the side quests.

all in all I give it a 10

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Above Average

Great game with some serious flaws

posted by Lilija (UNION BEACH, NJ) Apr 15, 2011

Member since Dec 2007

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Story is awesome, art style, all that, I wish there was a whole Okami series. It's flawed, though. Great game, till you get to the brush screen, then it's wildly inaccurate, and it become extremely repetitive to try and get things right, just to further the story. The line or circle looks perfectly executed on screen, and you wind up failing. Over and over. Something is seriously lost in translation between the Wii remote and the giant brush on the screen.

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Only game to get me into a culture!!!

posted by aquakitten (MISSION, TX) Jan 4, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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When i first played okami I didn't get it much until i kept playing. Every time i picked up the controls i just felt the power flow though me and cherry blossoms flowing around me, i really felt like okami amaterasu.
There was some disturbing content while playing the game but it was an amazing experience to feel. The brush techniques were awesome too. (especially because I am an artist myself)
The title says all, i got into Japanese culture after playing the game and being blown away while learning some Japanese along the way!
In short, breathtaking and entertaining wait until your child is about 13 or 14 though

- review by 11 year old......i learned the hard way about some content

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