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Okami, A must have for the wii

posted by Yousinea (ALBUQUERQUE, NM) Jul 17, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

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I was a big fan of Okami back when it came out on the ps2, although admittedly I never got to complete it back then, I had rented it, got halfway through, figured I would just buy it next time I had the money to burn and finish it.

HA, little did I know that Okami would quickly become one of the hardest to find ps2 titles I'd ever seen.
anyway I found it out was comeing to the Wii and was quite happy

First impresson: You start the game out with the Reflector (a disc weapon that functions more or less like your standard adventerur sword) The wii 'shake' fighting is flat out aweful for the reflector, the main problem is that while you 'shake' it counts as holding the button down meaning you more have to do 'timed flicks' there's a huge learning curve there but once you get it down it's not so bad.... although it IS abit hard to keep your timing when you're being attacked.
Once you get your first rosary bead weapon (think whips) you can shake-fight much easier, and set your reflector to the subweapon slot and do 1-hit kills on any enemy stupid enough to fall into the sheilds trap ;p

The brush: When I played this game on the ps2, I admittedly barely used the main feature.. the celestial brush... mostly because drawing with the analog stick is such a chore. The wii makes -most- of the brush techniques SO much quicker and easier that I found myself fighting more with the brush than ever before. Though as someone mentioned, for doing the slash definately use Z instead to make a straight line. (or start making your slash motion, press the A button halfway through and release it before you get to the end of your swing)
In the orignal making cherrybombs was a pain (circle with a line comeing out) but on the wii it's laughably easy. Same for making Wind, it's so fast and easy to do wind now.

Storywise Okami is just all around great, and the game takes atleast 60 hours to beat if you don't rush things and do most of the side quests.

all in all I give it a 10

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posted by Ricochet (PARK CITY, UT) Aug 15, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

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Though this game may look and seem old, it was one of the best wii games I have ever played (besides The Legened Of Zelda Twilight Princess) and I recommend it to EVERYONE.

I had so much fun going through the life of Ammy, that I began to feel like I was her, which is weird but very true.

It was difficult getting the brush motions down, and frustrating when they didn't work, but other then that the game was top notch when it came to controlling the wii remote.

All the characters had their own personallity and seemed to come alive even though they were only on the screen and I enjoyed talking to each individual till they ran out of things to say and began to repeat themselves.

Some of the bosses do repeat themselves and I found that I actually yelled at the TV when I had to fight Orochi THREE TIMES over in the exact same style which was....Kinda laaaame; they were also very easy to beat if you had Execute Slip L because they would blow away any Demon in a heartbeat and I found myself using those more then anything else and was kind of bummed when I ended up running out on the last level.

Just for the record I almost cried at the scene where Issun and Ammy parted ways because of how loyal they both were to each other and the bounds they had formed.

I also thought Waka was going to turn out to be the last boss for various reasons but in the end he'd grown on me and I loved how he came to Ammy's rescue against Yami.

ANNNNYWHO, this game is a must play for everyone. =D

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BEST WII GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by AJ0910 (RICHMOND HILL, GA) May 27, 2011

Member since May 2011

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Warning: I realized why this game is rated T: 1) slicing demons in half, 2) some blood, and 3) a completely naked lady bathing in a lake (private parts not showing)!

That aside, I love this game! It's like a Japanese version of Zelda, except it focuses more on the overworld than dungeons. If you want to know, Nippon has 3 major regions, which are split up into 25 areas with 7 dungeons. The story is pretty good, but what makes this game really good is the graphics and the combat. Also, you can learn special brush skills which can help you fight and get to new places. There are 13 main skills (skills that you would find normally in the main storyline) along with secret skills that you can use in battle (which you can find by completing certain side quests)!

Timewise, this is the longest game I ever played on the Wii, period. With my 1st playthrough, it took me 30 hours to complete it, and I didn't do everything the game has to offer!

If you like Japanese tales and culture, love amazing graphics, or if you just want to play a good, long, Zelda-like game, this is the game for you!

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