Rent Okami for PS2
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Also on:Wii
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3851 ratings

Gameplay Controls


Directional Buttons Move Cursor (Item Screen). Change Map Layer (Map Screen).
X Button Jump. Double Jump (Double-Tap).
Triangle Button Dig. Bite. Sub Attack.
Square Button Tackle. Main Attack.
Circle Button Talk. Investigate. Bark.
L2 Button Map Display
L1 Button Change Perspective
R2 Button Fleetfoot
R1 Button Mystic Celestial Brush (Hold)
Start Button Fan Menu
Select Button Options Menu
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Movement
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Camera Controls
R3 Button Reset Camera Angle
Combo #1 R2 Button + Left Analog Stick = Change Direction of Fleetfoot Side-Step
Combo #2 Square, Left Analog Stick = Run Faster

Celestial Brush Controls
R1 Button Use Mystic Celestial Brush (Hold)
Combo #1 Square Button (Hold) + Left Analog Stick = Draw With Brush
Combo #2 Triangle Button (Hold, Pressure Sensitive) + Left Analog Stick = Draw Lines. Lines will vary in thickness depending on how hard the Triangle Button is pressed.