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What a fantastic game!

posted by MRAKUSH (NEW HAVEN, CT) Dec 5, 2007

Member since May 2007

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Okami is a fantastic game. period. end of story.

I originally had my doubts while playing through the first ten-fifteen minutes of actual gameplay. You see a wolf, with a little companion, running around, completing tasks. I immediately said, "this is just like Zelda! it's a blatant ripoff"

Once you get involved in the mechanics of the game, all of that changes. This is not Zelda. As the wolf Okami Ammeratsu, and your little pal Issun, you "draw" in certain functions throughout the game, revitilizing the planet overrun with evil and decay.

Say you're fighting someone; you have the ability to draw a horizontal slash line accross them, and watch them split in two. Or see that dead tree? draw a closed loop around its branches, and watching it bloom into a gorgeous cherry blossom!
You need to unlock all of your drawing abilities troughout the game, too many for me to count.

The visuals are what really did it for me in Okami, without it, its a mediocre game, a great gameplay idea not done right. But oh man, some of the visuals are outright gorgeous. Reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, with its cel-shading, the use of color and art design are unbelieveable.

The sounds and music are fantastic too; you feel like you are in fuedal Japan.

The game was long too, I played it for about two months. I do have a nine to five job, but it took 60 hours to beat.

Maybe its because I've honestly never heard of Okami until I rented it on Gamefly, but I just loved this game from start to finish.

I have been a hardcore Zelda nut for a long time, and I can honestly say Okami is one of the most innovative games I've ever played. I think Okami is right up there with most Zelda games.

Rent it already, :)

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posted by Dillsauce (VENICE, CA) Oct 27, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

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this game has changed many of my views on gaming. video games should not only be a mind dulling and just plain fun, but artistic games are what really stick in ones mind. it leaves a mark on you that makes you wish after the game that there is a free roam mode. Okami is amazing i recommend it to anyone. the visuals are unique and incredible, the game play is great and the story line is compelling. i give this game 10 out of 10. now i don't usually write up reviews like this nor do i usually talk like this,hahaha. but the minute after i completed okami i felt the need to pass this information along. anyways ill get to the point. this game is a winner and i give it 10 out of ten and goes straight to the top of my list, you will be glad you got this game because you wont be able to put it down. so rent this game, buy it, whatever just have a chance to play this game

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One of the most entertaining games I've played.

posted by Kokuraz (GRASS VALLEY, CA) Sep 20, 2007

Member since Oct 2006

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This game is insane. The fighting really brings something new to the table. With all the Celestial Brush techniques you get you need to think about what attacks to do to beat certain enemies. You have to bomb people out of the ground, set some people on fire, and slow down time to get the chance to get a hit in on someone. You really need to use your brain on this game. The Graphics are very original looking and grow on you after a while and the music is beautiful. In the begining I had a hard time with the voices but after a while it just began to fit.

There is a lot to do in the game. I still haven't found all 100 Stray beads but when you do you get something 'special'... Im (Cencors dont like the H word for ->) 'Satans lair' bent on getting them all. I hear a lot of people compairing this game to the original Zeldas. It does have a feel very much like the old Nintendo/Super Nintendo Zeldas. But I'm having a lot more fun with this game than I did with those. (I really enjoyed the old Zeldas mind you.)

This is a game I recomend to everyone. (Reading the lowest rated reviews is hallerious. Most people who didn't like the games only supported a lazy American Sterotype. "Ugh theres too much storyline.. Lets get to the gunfights and explosions." or "I actually need to put the CD in my PS2.. LAME" Okay, no one complained about the last one, but I wouldn't be surprised if thats floating around here.)

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