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God of War meets Black&White meets Legend of Zelda

posted by Hawkeye (HUNTSVILLE, AL) Dec 16, 2006

Member since Jun 2005

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In Japanese, it means both "wolf" and "god". You play the wolf-shaped reincarnation of the Shinto Sun Goddess, Amaterasu.

This game blends together the beautiful, expansive, adventure-laden worlds of Legend of Zelda, the painful, bone-cracking demon slaying reminiscent of God of War, as well as the god-like power to bring miraculous force to bear on the problems of mere mortals, a la Black & White.

Truly, you will be surprised how many parallels can be drawn between this game and other top games in the Action/RPG realm, because if you didn't, this game would defy explaination.

The world and its denizens are painted in a broad-lined, cel-shaded style, bringing back memories of Wind Waker. As a style, it works, though some of the effects can become dizzying after a while. The use of brush effects are absolutely seamless. Hit the button, and all action stops, giving you ample time to draw the technique you want. There is a small learning curve / annoyance that comes with the brush, especially during the times it is critical that you do a particular brush technique, it does a different one. However, this only happens about two or three times in what can turn out to be a 60+ hour game.

There are plenty of sidequests to keep you busy on this game. You can help people find lost pets, cook with heavenly fire, and enact revenge on errant demons on behalf of your mortal beneficiaries. There's more than a few collector lists in the game, but no Action/RPG is complete without those.

When you get into a fight, the world around you seals you away into an arena of dark energy to face your hellspawned opponents. The combat is fairly solid, using a combination of god-like agility, fifteen magical weapons imbued with heavenly power, and your world-destroying brush techniques. Every enemy has a weakness (or two), and the faster you take them out with the less amount of damage, the more money you get.

A very solid game, fun, with an epic story. Trust me, you'll like it.

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Highly Recommended game....

posted by jentfoo (AURORA, CO) Dec 5, 2006

Member since Nov 2006

27 out of 29 gamers (93%) found this review helpful

This game really is something you should not let slip by, the game play is pretty unique. The fighting is quick paced and very rewarding. In addition the use of the "celestial brush" allows for some really nice and unique game play elements. The developers have done a good job in using this brush in almost all elements of the game. You will find it useful in fighting, solving puzzles, or just doing minor task. It is a nice touch but not enough to give this game such an excellent review.

What really sets this game apart is the feel it gives. It really brings you into the world with the asian feel of the characters and setting. The visuals are nothing but stunning. There is a great deal of emotion presented through the scenery, and the game does this almost flawlessly. The game has a nice length of about 30 to 40 hours of game play.

Unfortunately it is not a perfect game...First of all sometimes using the celestial brush is a pain and you have to do it over and over again before it registers right. This can be frustrating but it is rare enough that it does not cause you to want to give up on the game. Although the music is good, I would also say it is a little over used. Granted even at the end I was not wanting to pull my hair out, but it would be nice for some more epic music to go with the epic setting/story. Speaking of the story it is not entirely without fault. With that said....the story is excellent, and I am glad they did it the way they did because the additional game play is really really good. My biggest complaint is that this game is far too easy. It really spells out for you what you need to do, and you will find yourself flying through task without dieing at all or much. In addition just to give you an idea of how easy it is....I did not even die ONCE in all 36 hours it took me to beat the game. This is fun and it keeps the story going, but I do sorta wish it made you work a bit more. Overall I would rate it at a 9/10

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Lives up to the hype

posted by fitzkotlr (LAS VEGAS, NV) Nov 7, 2006

Member since May 2005

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After reading all the glowing reviews and seeing all the 10s and 9s I worried that the game wouldn't live up to my expectations. Amazingly, it has.

Incredible! I could spend hours simply exploring the world. Often I do just pause and sit there, watching the sky and clouds move or the ripples of the water. Every little detail is extraordinarily beautiful. It's like living in a painting and I can see replay value being very high as I go back just to simple admire the views.

Game play is very fun and unique. I have a blast using the brushes, and the stories keep me interested, which is an achievement since I don't like rpgs because I find all the dialogue and story boring. Not in this game. You'll read every word.

I hope the rest of the video game world takes notice of this game and the response it's received. We need more like Okami. It really brings the magic back to the video game experience.

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