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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Control loading screens

Press X during the loading screen that features a trail of paw prints and a picture of Issun to make the paw prints larger. On other loading screens, repeatedly pressing X will display paw prints. You can also add Demon Fangs to your inventory by pressing X on the longer loading screens. Press X over screens that feature a trail of paw prints until when Issun usually appears. Big paw prints and a Demon Fang will appear. Quickly press X as fast as possible until a Demon Fang appears to add it to your inventory.

Secret Rain brush technique

Defeat Ninetails and go to the queen's temple. Use the water on the ground to draw a line connecting the pillars together.

Secret Snowflake brush technique

After obtaining the Blizzard brush technique, you will also unlock a secret brush technique. This technique simply requires drawling an asterisk (just an "X" with either a horizontal line intersecting the middle or a vertical -- not both). A snowflake of ice (size depending on the asterisk drawn) will appear with icicles falling around it. Using this on townsfolk. It temporarily turns them into snowmen.

Primary Lotus

REMEMBER: You must have two weapons to do this trick. When you get the Devout Beads weapon, equip it as your main weapon. Equip your Divine Retribution or any other weapon as your secondary. Once equipped and in a fight, just before your opponent attacks press Triangle. Your secondary weapon comes in front of you as a parry attack. If done correctly, you and your enemy should stop, then fly off the air. Your character will then start spinning with your enemy. Once you hit the ground most enemies will die for an easy kill.

Golden Fury Urine attack

Obtain 100,000 yen. Go to Shinshu Field and buy it from the Sensei. This enables you to urinate on your enemies.