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Different type of puzzler and yet interesting!

posted by miko25 (LARGO, FL) Mar 31, 2008

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This has a kiddish look to it and the gameplay feels a tad clunky and yet it is a pretty good rental. I hope someone remakes Tetrisphere or The New Tetris (2 BEST TETRIS GAMES EVER)!!!!

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It's too cute for its own good

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Apr 21, 2008

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Octomania is a puzzle game - one with several colorful octopi and a few grills intruding onto your game board. (Why am I thinking of calamari at this point?)
Each 3x3 grill has a number on it - the number of octopi of one color (your choice) that you get on that grill by maneuvering them about the game board via rotational motions.
Once that's done, the octopi vanish, and a gas in the same color of those octopi appears, and if you put more octopi of that color next to the gas within a certain time limit, those octopi vanish, you get a combo, and the gas increases, giving you an opportunity for a larger combo. If not, the gas vanishes and another grill appears.
But you're not alone - you play against a friend or the computer. With every combo you score, your opponent gets hit with a few rocks on their game board, making it harder for him/her to clear it. But every combo your opponent scores puts rocks on your side, making it tougher for you to clear your game board. There's also a diamond with special powers. First game board to completely fill up with octopi and rocks loses.
However, the game controls are very jerky, all of the characters are cute to the point of nausea and they say really annoying things during the matches.
Oh, and the single player storyline can be finished in less than two hours.
If Octomania had better controls, then it would be good as part of a mini game compilation, but the bad controls and lack of content doom Octomania.

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Should have read more than just the description

posted by skeeterak (WASILLA, AK) Jan 29, 2009

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I thought this game sounded like it would be fun for my almost 5 year old and myself, based on just the game description. I put it in, to find mention of a magician, a demon and a lazy angel. I was disheartened. I do not support magic, devils or demons. And if you've had a close call with death, you know your angel isn't lazy. I sent this game back as soon as possible. I do not want anything to do with it. Had I know more about it, I would not have wasted time on it.

God bless you. Remember, you know what's right and wrong. Your children don't. They won't know what's real either.

I'll be reading more than just the description about games from now on before I add them.

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