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Obscure: The Aftermath


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"Obscure": good graphics, bad camera

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Apr 21, 2008

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Some blobby creatures are out to take over a college campus, and who are you going to call? How about four college students who whine a lot during the game?
Okay, not a good start, but in Obscure: the Aftermath, you play as one of four students who pair up in different ways during the game. If you take too long to make your way through the game, the computer controlled students will whine.
Get used to the complaining - going from point A to point B is tough because the camera has a tendency to spin in a circle or give you a bad view of the area you're in.
And if the camera's not bad enough, there's the invisible walls to deal with. For instance, finding a path through the forest is almost impossible because these fit, athletic students can't climb a five foot tall fence or a three foot tall log. You're given a chainsaw, but can only cut certain trees, and not others. Why?
It's too bad these problems show up. The graphics in the game are good, there's several ingenious puzzles, the students are likable (if you overlook their whining.) and the story's very enjoyable.

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Another quick port of a poor game for the Wii

posted by Padrino (PETALUMA, CA) Apr 23, 2008

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I actually rented this one my mistake. As a huge fan of the horror genre, I had added it a while back. Since then, I played the PS2 version and realized what a contrived worthless mess of a game this is. The plot and characters are so cliche that I believe the developers must have though they were funny but far from it. The enemies are all kinds of boring as well as the combat (pretty much Silent Hill). So if you are looking for horror on the Wii, stick to the good game cube ones (Eternal Darkness, RE0, RE1, RE2) or get the updated RE4 or even Umbrella Chronicles before you waste your time with this one. Better yet, grab Fatal Frame 1 or 2 which you could play on PS2, Xbox, or Xbox 360.

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Above Average

ow i didnt do it on purpose!

posted by Kliss2 (VILLA PARK, IL) Apr 7, 2008

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lets see where to start. fans of the first game will be a bit disappointed with this game. i know i was. in the first one there was 5 characters and once you got them all unlocked you could freely play as anyone you wanted and if they got killed, either restart or keep going and let them stay dead. that was the freedom of the first game.

in this one they sacrificed that freedom for a little bit more story. they tell you who you must be and at what point. there are a few times that you can choice who to play as but once you enter the next room the choices became clear what the right choices were. the storys not to bad but the voice acting severly lacks. the controls are clunky at first but once you get the hang of it it isnt bad. my worst struggle was the lock picking part with the wiimote because it was very unresponsive.

im a major fan of the survival horror genre but this game made me die alittle inside. its got two player fun which is good but the freedom the first game offered was completely disroyed and the worst part is that you unlock cut scenes as you progress and once you finish the game you get the last cut-scene and some animation art. that is until you shut off the system and realized that it didnt save and that you have to rekill the final boss (which is a huge pain) all over again just to show your friends the cool cut scene before the boss. all and all this game made me sad. it was nothing like the other one and i did nothing for the genre besides make it two player. still worth a rent cause the story is intresting

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