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Obscure: The Aftermath

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Hack into computer to obtain dynamite recipe.

Use password "EINSTEIN" to hack into the computer so you can access the indregients to make dynamite. (ALSO when you break the soda machine earlier in the basement of the hospital, you should keep the soda as it is the last ingredient in dynamite.)

    Unlocks the computer which allows you to get the recipe for dynamite.
Unlock door in Delta Beta frat house

Use code "PICASSO" to get into the room at the top of the stairs once you are in the Delta Beta frat house.

    Unlocks door at the top of the stairs in Delta Beta frat house
Getting into the Delta Theta Gamma Party

Use the code "MOZART" to get in the delta theta gamma party. (To find the door use your decryption device)

    Opens door to Delta Thata Gamma party. (HINT: only use when playing Mei)
Open door leading to Jun.

Type in the code "FREUD" to open the second door you see when trying to get to Jun.

    Opens the door to get to Jun.