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posted by probowlers (UNION CITY, NJ) Jan 8, 2010

Member since Mar 2009

This is an awsome game! This game should belong to every DS owner. Its easy at first but then harder and harder and harder. You get to play with another N+ owner. Or just play single player. The single player has ... um like levels inside a level. For example 1-0, 1-1, 1-2, 1-3. Kinda like Super Mario Bros. and other Mario games.

Multiplayer you play with another N+ owner.

There is also level editor. This mode you make your own levels. There are tons of exciting levels on single player mode.


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Very Good

An awesome game (but better elsewhere)

posted by Hogosha (DUBUQUE, IA) Jan 4, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

4 out of 4 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I feel guilty writing this review because of two reasons. One, how much time I spent playing the XBLA version of N+ (probably a couple hundred hours, was in the top 100 individual and top 10 co-op many months ago) and, two, I couldn't bring myself to play the DS version longer than a few hours (meaning it's not a complete review). But I'll give my impressions.

First off, this game is nicotine. You'll pick it up and start playing and, after cursing at the DS and nearly throwing it across the room a few dozen times, you'll look at the clock and see that you're late for work...and this is when you started playing BEFORE BED. The game is addicting in all the right ways. Near infinite replay value if you like competing for that leaderboard "high score". Gameplay that really feels like it rewards nothing BUT your actions, meaning that everything that happens (good or bad) happens because of your input. TONS of puzzles and unlockables. And easy pick-up-and-playability, so whether you're on the go, on the couch or on the toilet the game is always there for "one quick fix".

Now, the bad. The game is a LOT better on the 360. The physics and hit detection are a bit better on the 360, as I felt the "hitbox" on the ninja was a little bit bigger than the ninja itself on the DS one which led to some awkward bounces off walls that wouldn't have happened otherwise. The price is 10 bucks for many more puzzles, local or online 4 player multiplayer (sooooo fun in co-op or competitive), downloadable content, and a much better screen setup as I personally hated the DS setup's lack of a middle ground between full map and extreme closeup.

The verdict: 20 bucks is an awesome price for this amazing game. However, if you have a 360, play it on that for half the price.

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I love these type of games!

posted by GuyInCTown (CLINTON, NC) Sep 22, 2008

Member since Apr 2007

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I didn't know anything about this game before renting it, so I went in fresh. I instantly loved this little game. It is a nice strategy/action game. Simple graphics, but addictive and a little frustrating at times. I had to keep this little jewel so I selected the Keep It button - and for $15 bucks, you can't go wrong for hours and hours of fun. Give this one a shot.... I bet you'll like it!

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